Texas Police Chief Melts Down on Twitter, Threatens to Sue NRAtv for Free Speech

Ben Keller

A Texas police chief had an epic Twitter meltdown, threatened a Second Amendment news outlet for exercising free speech.

As the gun debate ensues after the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, Houston Police Chief Hubert "Art" Acevedo threatened to sue pro-gun media outlet NRAtv for "harassment" and "cyber bullying" after the channel criticized him during one of their televised broadcasts.

The chief Tweeted the lawsuit would be free for him, because "several top-notch [law] firms" would represent him pro bono.

Since the shooting Acevedo has used the media to express his pro gun control views in various media interviews.

Many of his critics have fired back, accusing the chief of being anti-Second Amendment and soft on immigration enforcement.

In a broadcast Tweeted on NRAtv's Twitter page, broadcaster Dana Loesch criticized the chief for championing so-called sanctuary city laws and for his pro-gun political views on the Second Amendment, pointing out the chief is actually a politically appointed official and not a representative elected by the people.

“So Chief ~~@~~ArtAcevedo, you support sanctuary city laws. You support lawlessness and law-breaking. You don’t get to cherry-pick what laws that you support … And you don’t get to lecture law-abiding Americans on what you think we should be able to do with our ~~#~~2A.” – ~~@~~DLoesch

Screenshot (Twitter)

That broadcast and Tweet was in response to a previous Tweet exchange with Acevedo accusing the channel of "losing their moral high ground on what was once their core values."

The chief Tweets an epic reply dated May 22, threatening to sue the channel for what is obviously First Amendment protected activity, i.e., broadcasting [politically opinionated] news.

"Like I was saying, blah, blah, blah," the chief wrote in a responding Tweet threatening to sue them over "harassment" by "minions," promising "many top-notch firms would do so pro-bono."

Screenshot (Twitter)

Earlier in the day, before his meltdown, Rachel, a producer for Dana Loesch reached out to the chief for an interview via email, saying she would love to have a debate with the chief about his views at 5:30 p.m.

Chief Acevedo ducked the interview, and an opportunity to clear up any mis-characterizations about his views.

His excuse: he didn't believe an interview, with himself at least, would further the discussion on gun safety and gun rights.

If history is any indication, he could be right.

It might even escalate.

Watch NRATV's Dana Loesch calling out Acevedo above.

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Assevedo headed a thuggish PD in Austin and has moved up the ladder of the thin blue lie to do the same in Houston.


Still a weapon. Not much good against bullets, though. Neither care as long as they keep getting paid.


Interesting i wonder how much pepper spray you would need to disarm the country without being a fucking hypocrite.


Both of them take a paycheck to represent evil.

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