The Miami Herald covers Miami Lakes politics, after all

Carlos Miller

The Miami Herald covers Miami Lakes politics, after all

The Miami Herald shocked bloggers and Miami Lakes residents Monday night by finally reporting that Miami Lakes Vice Mayor Nancy Simon had been practicing real estate without a license.

However, the long-awaited news was anti-climatic because the Herald did not reveal anything that had not already been known to anybody that actually cares about what is occurring in the suburban municipality in northwest Miami-Dade County.

Unfortunately, the Herald refused to delve into the influential relationship between Simon and The Miami Laker newspaper, which decided to stop covering local politics in December after she raised hell about an article stating that she had been under investigation by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The Herald also failed to report on the status of journalist David Snelling, who ended up getting reprimanded by his editor after reporting the truth about the vice mayor.

Nevertheless, the elephant in Miami Lakes’ living room has finally been acknowledged. And she has a good excuse.

Simon, a three-term councilwoman, said the ordeal stems from a $115 license renewal check she thought she mailed in late 2004 but which was never received by the state regulation department. She also blames an illness that left her hospitalized in August of the same year.

”I have nothing to hide,” Simon said. “The three checks that I cashed, I didn’t do that under the table, I did it through my brokerage firm. Do you think my broker would have cashed it if he didn’t think I was legitimate? I have paid taxes on that money. Everything I have done was above the board.

And despite the fact that the state of Florida considers the act of practicing real estate without a license a third-degree felony, many South Floridians who have been jaded by years of corrupt politicians were quick to blow off the allegations against Simon as a “stupid mistake”.

At least according to the Herald’s comments section, which is usually an accurate reflection of what the community is thinking, although that can be embarrassing at times.

Simon is not the first person this happened to, as a realtor I know several people who were in a similar situation, they got a slap on the had a $1500 fine. It is riduculous (SIC) that her case is getting so much attention, get over it people. She did not hurt anyone or steal money she made a stupid mistake.
Posted by: a realtor

Other readers, however, were not so forgiven.

Another corrupt politician making excuses. Why doesn’t Simon own up to her behavior. Why did she lie to TV and say she never made a dime.
Posted by: Lakes resident

And …

The cause of political power is because the political leaders are no brainers (some of them). They let the power go to their head, and then they think that they are above the law and they deserve everything they want.THEY ARE WRONG. THE PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP AND ARE MAKING CHOICES OF WHO THEY WANT IN TOWN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE.NANCY SIMON, YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CANNOT FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME.
Posted by: A CUBAN EXILE

Another reader insisted that Simon’s “crime” was completely small-time and not worth reporting.

$28k and you say business was “looking good”? You’re crazy. This is barely worth reporting, let alone the top-story treatment you’re giving it. Why indeed is she being crucified over b.s. like this? What is the Herald’s real motive here?
Posted by: Hatchet Job

And what is a Miami Herald comments section without the obligatory crack at someone’s race or ethnicity?

Is she a cuban blond by any chance? Those do not even know how to put gas in the car.
Posted by: LOL

Now that Simon is under investigation for a felony, she will most likely do what any South Florida politician would do in her position.

Run for a higher office.

Residents have long speculated that Simon will run (for mayor), though she has yet to declare her decision.

”I’ve always been the lightning rod for these set of people,” Simon said. “Every time the mayoral race comes up, the heat intensifies. It’s very sad that in a small town, the politics gets this dirty.”


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