Two Georgia Deputies Fired for Online Posts Supporting Nazism and Hitler

Nathan Dimoff

They were fired this month after posting pictures online of a swastika flag and a shrine to Hitler.

Two Georgia deputies were terminated this month for expressing support online about Nazism and Hitler.

Spalding County sheriff's deputies Howard Costner and Jesse Jones were jail guards before the Atlanta chapter of Antifa published screenshots of the officers' online accounts where they stated Hitler did nothing wrong.

Costner thought highly of the American Nazi Party founder, George Lincoln, on his YouTube channel howie3601.

Lincoln was also known to fly an 18-foot-long swastika flag at his home and created a shrine to Adolf Hitler.

On March 1st, Costner uploaded a picture of that same flag as his banner picture on Facebook.

The flag consists of of an Iron Cross, which is a military award that was not only discontinued but is also banned.

Ill say this I am extremely right winged and I view racism as normal, Costner wrote. Just read the definition of racism and its not a bad thing. Thats my own belief though. I went from being a libertarian Conservative to more Authoritarian," according to AJC.

Jesse Jones account on Steam has a picture of the thin blue line flag as his profile account picture with the account also showing, "Hitler did nothing wrong."

According to The Gritpost:


> "The antifa group was able to identify multiple accounts by both former guards that shared the same screen name on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Steam, Reddit, that were all interconnected with one another."

> Costner Facebook shows that he works for the Spalding County Sheriff's Department as a jailer in September of 2017.

When AJC reached out to the department for comment Sheriff Darrell Dix advised them that the officers are no longer on the force.

According to AJC:

> Both of these gentlemen are no longer employed by the Spalding County Sheriffs Office based on some information that came to light today, Dix told the paper. It doesnt fit what we want to represent to the community and what we want to represent as an agency.

A comment by Costner on his YouTube that Nazis are hiding in plain sight.

Which is also confirmed by the FBI when they reported that white surpremists are being hired as officers.

Earlier this month a Louisiana officer that had ties to an extremist group was fired.

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LOL the Iron Cross is not a Nazi symbol. Why is there so much FAKE NEWS on this site today?


The Klan and other hate groups have made a point of infiltrating the States' prisons and correctional facilities. There was another case in Florida some years ago where it was revealed that several prison guards were members of the KKK and where plotting to murder a prisoner.


Everyone is Entitled to Free Speech but once You take an Oath for your Job the rules change substantially so I am not a hypocrite for feeling correct about these Douche Bags being fired!


As disgusting as I personally find any kind of racism to be... I must still support the individuals right to speak their mind... even mean-spirited or hate filled speech. To do otherwise would make me a hypocrite.


Who cares if they actually abuse people THOUGHT CRIME!


I've missed the "But FREE SPEECH! CONSTITUTION" seemingly everywhere else

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