Two NYPD Cops Charged with First-Degree Rape

Carlos Miller

Two NYPD Cops Charged with First-Degree Rape Despite Claiming Handcuffed Teen Consented to Sex.

It took more than a month, but the two New York City police detectives who acknowledged they had sex with a handcuffed teenager inside a police van after detaining her for drugs have been charged with first-degree rape.

A grand jury indicted officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall on Thursday, despite their claims the sex was consensual, according to the New York Post.

They are expected to turn themselves in next week, which goes to show that Blue Privilege continues to exist even after they have been formally charged.

After all, would your average street rapist be allowed to have a free weekend after being charged with first-degree rape?

The cops, whose photos still have not been released, face up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

The victim, who goes by Anna Chambers on social media, was arrested on September 15 for possession of marijuana and prescription pills.

The two cops also found prescription drugs on one of the two male friends she was with, but they had no interest in him, ordering the two friends to leave the area as they took her into custody.

She said she was handcuffed and placed in a van where she was ordered to perform oral sex on both cops. She also said one of the cops raped her.

They then ordered her out of the van and drove off, where one of her male friends found her 45 minutes after they detained her.

He drove her to her mother’s home where they then drove her to the hospital where doctors discovered evidence that she had been sexually assaulted.

The teen, who turned 19 this week, has been very outspoken about the incident on her social media pages. But the cops have been attacking her credibility by saying she has posted provocative photos of herself on her social media pages.

But that is still not an excuse for rape, even if you’re a cop.


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