Two Texas Deputies Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

Carlos Miller

Two Texas Deputies Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges.

Two Texas deputies were arrested on sexually assault charges since Saturday, including a Bexar County sheriff’s deputy on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child, marking the 14th deputy from that agency to be arrested this year.

Bexar County sheriff’s deputy Matthew Adams was hired in August, meaning he was still on probation and was able to be terminated without having to go through months of investigation while sitting at home receiving a paycheck.

Meanwhile, two hours south of Bexar County, where San Antonio is the county seat, Jim Wells County Sheriff’s Sergeant Ryan Raymond was also arrested after an inmate accused him of entering her cell and groping and kissing her.

Unlike other jails in Texas, including the Wallen County jail where Sandra Bland was found dead, this jail has numerous cameras throughout the jail, which provided enough evidence to arrest Raymond.

According to the Alice Echo News Journal:

“I got the call late at night by the victim’s family member and we took action that same night,” said JWC Sheriff Oscar Lopez. “I called (Asst. Chief Deputy Brandon Torres) and we started the open investigation.”
The victim, whose in her 30s, told a family member during visitation hours that Sgt. Ryan Raymond entered her cell, groped and kissed her, officials stated.
There are numerous cameras installed throughout the facility to ensure the safety of inmates and jailers, Torres stated.
“We were able to review our (footage) and saw the jailer enter the inmate’s cell alone which is against our policy,” he said.
The jail’s policy states jailers may not enter any prisoner’s cell alone. There must be two jailers with the exception of a medical emergency.

Adams was also a detention officer in a jail, but he kept his indiscretions outside of the work place, maintaining a year-long relationship with a  15-year-old girl.

According to KSAT 15:

When confronted with the accusations police say Adams admitted to have sex with a fifteen-year-old girl. The investigation points to an on-going relationship between the suspect and victim. And it was only after the girl made an out-cry to a school administrator did the relationship become public.
According to the Sheriff’s Office, this is the 14th deputy arrested this year, of which, only three remain employed by the county.

The other deputies arrested were charged with DWI, assault, tampering with evidence, criminal mischief, assault with a deadly weapon, bribery, burglary and possession of marijuana.

Click here for more information on those arrests.

Last week, another Texas deputy was convicted for raping a 15-year-old girl.

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