TX Cop Accuses Man of Trying to Kill Him by Pulling Over in Safer Spot

Carlos Miller

Texas Cop Accuses Man of Trying to Kill Him by Pulling Over in Safer Spot.

A Texas cop feared for his life when he tried to pull a man over for speeding, only for the man to exit the highway before coming to a complete stop.

The driver told the cop he was looking out for everybody’s safety by not pulling over on the busy highway.

But Fort Worth police officer George Rusnak said it appeared as if he was trying to lead him to an isolated area to kill him.

Anything to get out of a speeding ticket apparently.

“When someone drives for as long as you did when given clear, verbal directions over the loud system and you continue to disobey those commands and you continue to do what you want to do, it puts me on edge,” Rusnak said.

“It makes me think that you’re trying to devise a plan to kill me.”

Rusak went on to say that cops are getting killed every day across the nation, neglecting to mention that cops are killing citizens at a much higher rate.

“You’re not the one who is about to get killed,” Rusnak argued in regards to random traffic stops. “I am.”

“Every traffic stop I can get killed and if you don’t do what I ask you to do, I think you’re trying to kill me,” he continued.

The video was recorded by the man’s wife, who was sitting in the passenger’s seat. The cop said the man was driving 92 mph in a 70 mph zone.

Moments after he had pulled him over, the panic-stricken cop pulled out his gun when the man opened his door and stepped out instead of rolling down his window and placing the keys on his roof as the cop had ordered.

The man said he did not roll down the window because they had just them tinted and it would ruin the tints.

But the cop said that was not his problem.

“You take it back and get it fixed,” he said. “For my safety and yours.”

The video was uploaded to YouTube last week, but only has 80 views as of this moment.



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