U.S. Police and Secret Service Extinguish Man who Set Himself On Fire Outside WH

Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House, Extinguished and Arrested | TMZ
Man Sets Himself on Fire Near White House, Extinguished and Arrested | TMZ

A man set himself ablaze in a park near the White House and was only saved -- for the moment -- by a cops who quickly surrounded and extinguished him. SUBSCR...

Ben Keller

A man who set himself on fire outside of the White House today has been hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Horrifying video taken earlier today shows a man engulfed in flames after he set himself on fire in downtown Washington, across from the White House, the Secret Service said.

And it was all caught on camera by a 17-year-old girl from Alexandria, Virginia who was sight-seeing with her cousin from Bolivia who also witnessed the incident.

Footage taken by the girl's cell phone camera shows smoke billowing from the front lawn, near a guard shack.

As officers rush to the scene, it almost seems like a Hollywood stunt of sorts.

But Krisjan Berzins, the girl's father, confirmed his daughter witnessed "Secret Service agents running toward him trying to extinguish the fire."

The Secret Service also confirmed the incident on Twitter.

"I can confirm that we've transported one patient with burns from the Ellipse and now we're on scene assisting law enforcement," a spokesman for the fire department told CNBC.

The disturbing incident, which occurred at 12:15 p.m. EST on Wednesday near 15th Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW, shows a man consumed by fire walking around in the Ellipse park next to the fence of the president's Washington DC home.

The man walks around on fire, ablaze for several seconds, before secret service and police miraculously rush up to extinguish the flames with their sirens wailing.

As a cloud of smoke builds from the extinguishers, screams can be heard in the background from people gawking at the terrifying sight.

The man was reportedly rushed to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Spokesman for the United States Park Police Sgt. Eduardo Delgado said the man is currently in critical condition.

If he happens to live, he owes his life to the police and Secret Service's quick response.

It really is remarkable how fast they got to him.

UPDATE, the man has reportedly died from his injuries, according to the Washington Post.

WARNING: the video above is graphic.

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The man protest govt by trying to take his own life as a symbol of his disgust, in front of his oppressors, and somehow these retards think they are heroes for stopping it lol...

Ben Keller
Ben Keller


Sman, I'm sorry, I said if he were to have lived, he would have.. I mean, it's possible to regret setting yourself on fire and actually decide living, even as a burn victim, might be better than the alternative.

I wasn't aware of his motives. The feds are saying he was high on K2 and PCP, or they are speculating.

In any case, he died, or was pronounced dead, this morning.

My point was, the cops and Secret Service got there fast.

I was merely giving them credit for their response time.

Thanks for the kind words, though, my friend.


He owes his life??? What the fuck...the dude was trying to kill himself to make a point. Ben Keller....you're an idiot.

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