UK photog threatened with arrest after photographing unruly teens


For months, David Green of London was plagued by a group of unruly teens from a nearby school who would shout insults at him and throw rocks.

After numerous unresolved complaints to their headmaster, the 64-year-old man took matters into his own hands. He pulled out a camera and photographed the teens in action.

That was when police finally took action. Unfortunately, it was against him.

London police told Green that it was illegal to photograph teenagers against their wishes – despite them being on public property and despite them breaking the law. They said that action could lead to a charge of assault.

“We’ve had problems with this group shouting abuse and throwing stones for months, and were asked to identify them.

“When I went to take photographs of eight of them throwing cans of Coke around, six of them ran away, one threatened to kill me, and another one started phoning the police.

“A couple of hours later, a Police Community Support Officer told me I had been accused of assault, though no such thing occurred, and told me I was not allowed to take photographs of teenagers on the street.

“I think it’s wrong that when teenagers are running riot and the police are called, it’s about me, and I’m treated like a criminal,” said Green, pictured below.


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