Video: Mississippi Cops Hogtie and Kill ‘Widespread Panic’ Concertgoer


Video: Mississippi Cops Hogtie and Kill ‘Widespread Panic’ Concertgoer, Demand Witness “Put the Camera Down” Next.

A video has surfaced of Mississippi Police killing a concertgoer attending the Widespread Panic performance Saturday night in a story covered earlier today by PINAC News.

The video below shows the last moments Troy Goode is seen in public, dead or alive. The witnesses recorded this video and made commentary indicative of a less than serious moment, until seeing that the 30-year-old engineer was hogtied, which their video confirms visually.

Then Southhaven police demanded they stop recording.

And they obeyed.

The witnesses even expressed fear that recording the incident would cause police to arrest them as bystanders. And they did not have the sense to record horizontally.

We always urge citizen journalists and witnesses alike to record horizontally to provide the most details, especially when your recording contains the tragic last moments of a fellow citizen killed at the hands of the police.

The recording is also from a great distance and doesn’t utilize zoom to provide a better visual record, but the witnesses noted Goode’s hogtied position while being carted face down into an ambulance on a stretcher by multiple law enforcement officers and first responders.

It’s unknown at this time but police suspect that Goode was under the influence of one or multiple intoxicants at the time of the incident.

Of course we suspect they had little reason to censor witnesses at the scene if everything was done “by the book” during Mr. Goode’s tragic demise, leaving a 15 month old son and a young widow.

Toxicology reports take several weeks regularly, and will reveal Troy Goode’s actual blood content of intoxicants.

Sometimes “designer drugs” marketed as bath salts or labeled “Not Safe For Human Consumption” are not easily detectable – if at all. The Miami Zombie incident was perpetuated by a young man who unexpectedly walked three miles naked across a causeway, and whose toxicology reports only indicated marijuana, though other substances are still strongly suspected as catalysts for that incident.

Miami’s police union bosses pushed a storyline of LSD use in that incident too.

Either way, this tragic incident marks another promising young live claimed by police, which may have been a preventable death.


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