WATCH: 12 NYPD Cops Swarm Man who Fit Description, Arrest him for Air Freshener

Ben Keller

A NY man spent Father's Day in jail after police mistook him for the wrong suspect and arrested him over air freshener.

A video on social media sent to our inbox shows a dozen NYPD cops detain a man they mistook for the wrong suspect.

Then they arrested him for the heinous crime of having an air freshener hanging from his mirror.

A New York man named Sam Detroit posted a video to his Facebook page yesterday describing how he was racially profiled for fitting the description of someone, approached by police, then asked to identify as police went on a fishing expedition, looking to search his car.

"Perfect father’s day gift to me smh I was racially profiled and harassed by nypd basically I fit the description of the person they were lookin for so why I was park they came at me askin for my i d I said no I didn’t committed any crime why I have to identify my self and the cops at each other look around my car and look inside said of the Air freshener i stood my ground and they arrest me so one cop drove off with my car to the precinct they illegally search my car booked me and and I spend a night in jail next day I was release apparently they was lookin for a black man in a black car with a gun."

Video, recorded by a bystander, shows officers harassing the man for his identification.

Detroit insists he hasn't committed any crime, knows his rights, and therefore doesn't have to identify.

"You know we don't have rights in America, right?" the man recording, who apparently knows Detroit, asks rhetorically.

"All of this for an air freshener," Detroit says.

After not showing his ID, and as his friends criticize the officers over their tactics, police decide to arrest Detroit for the air freshener.

Detroit was charged with interfering with a police investigation and refusing to identify, court records show.

He is scheduled to appear in court on July 15.

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Wings for Pigs....


just another DWB.......... so how many million has NYC payed out each year??????

Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

They can't drive off with a "suspects"vehicle, that's armed carjacking and searching without a warrant is auto burglary. They must call a tow truck and obtain a warrant. Seems this precinct is begging to be sued.

Toothbrush Bandit
Toothbrush Bandit


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