WATCH: American Cop Denied Entry into British Nightclub

Carlos Miller

WATCH: American Cop Denied Entry into British Nightclub After Flashing Badge and Demanding Blue Privilege.

A man claiming to be an American law enforcement officer tried to use his badge to get into a nightclub through a back door in the United Kingdom in the early hours of New Year’s Day, threatening to have the doorman fired if he did not comply with his demands.

But the doorman was not intimidated, ordering the American to use the front door like everybody else.

Obviously, Blue Privilege is not as respected in England as it is in the United States.

The man, who has not been identified at this time, was wearing a masquerade mask as he tried to enter the club in Sheffield, which he had pulled up on his forehead as he told the doorman he was on “official business.”

“Doesn’t matter,” the doorman replied. “Go that way and through the front.”

“I have a table inside,” the American then said, realizing that the “official business” line was not as effective in the U.K. as it would have been in the U.S.

“It doesn’t matter,” the doorman repeated. “Go that way and through the front.”

The American then demanded to speak to the manager, but the doorman refused to meet his demands.

The doorman asked to see his “warrant card,” which is what the British refer to as police identification, so evidently the American had already told him he was a cop before the video started.

The American then pulled out his wallet, flashing his badge, which stated he worked for U.S. Corrections, a private American company that specializes in transporting inmates from state to state.

“What the fuck is that?” the doorman asked. “U.S. (inaudible). Don’t talk shit. Go to the front.

“Simple as that. You’re not a police officer.”

“I am,” the American insisted.

“Yeah, yeah, you’re a police officer. U.S. U.S.”

“Yeah, U.S. Corrections,” the American said.

“That means you have no jurisdiction in this country.”

The American then told the doorman that he works with Interpol, an international network of law enforcement agencies based in France.

“Yeah, whatever, whatever, sir,” the doorman replied, clearly not impressed. “Go to the front and if they want to let you in, they’ll let you in.”

Realizing that his law enforcement credentials were not going to gain him access into the back door of the night club, the American then pulled out his phone to photograph the doorman.

“You’re going to get fired, brother” the American told the man before walking away.

“Whatever, whatever,” the doorman responded.

The video was initially posted to Live Leak, then later YouTube, with the following description:

This man claiming to be working for Interpol as a USA Corrections
Police Officer trying to get advantage at Nightclub using his USA Police
Authority and also threatening the Door Supervisor with loss of his job
for actually doing his job. Now this is either a real USA Corrections
Police Officer and if so then abusing his authority with a British
Citizen in Sheffield UK on New Years Day 2017, or a con man with a fake
warrant card which is an offence in law within the UK. So either way he
is in trouble, this Door Supervisor does not take kindly to Police
Officers abusing their authority and therefore felt it necessary to make
sure the public and the authorities are well aware of this corrupt man.

We are betting that he is a real law enforcement officer because he displayed that cocksure arrogance of an American cop, especially between the :09 to :14 marks when he insisted the doorman call the manager. A man used to getting what he wants because of the shiny badge in his wallet.

If anybody knows this man’s identity, please leave it in the comments section or send us an email.


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