WATCH: Angry Police Chief Loses Mind Over Camera. He'll Pray for Photographer.

1st Amendment Audit Coats NC
1st Amendment Audit Coats NC

I Visited the small town called Coats wich is in Harnett county NC Some of you may remember this video and some will see it for the first time. Either way le...

Ben Keller

Video posted to YouTube this week shows a police chief losing his mind over a man recording with his camera.

A new video posted to the YouTube channel NC Tyrant Hunter shows an angry police chief flipping out over a man with a camera recording license plates on cars sporting flags with the Thin Blue Line juxtaposed with American flag in front of "his" police station.

Most military veterans feel the Thin Blue Line flag desecrates the American flag.

Footage, posted on July 22, which now has almost 8,000 views, begins with Coats Police Chief Matthew "Jeremy" Hall confronting the YouTuber for recording the Blue Line insignia.

"You're out here videoing my cars," Chief Hall says.

"That's my cars. That's my car, dude. I paid for that car. It's got a blue line on it," NC says.

"It's got a blue line on it." he adds. "That's desecrating the flag. That's what it is."

"Oh, that's right."

"You don't think that's what it is?"

The argument continues, but the chief never comments on whether or not the blue lines desecrate the United States flag.

"I know your kind," he says.

Chief Hall claims NC is out there to cause problems.

"This is none of your business."

"This is my business."

NC explains his problems stems from the American flag with the blue line, which he says again says desecrates the flag.

"Where's your car at," the chief asks before he starts to walk away.

"Fucking tyrant, dude. It [sic] don't matter where my car's at." NC says.

"How do you know I didn't get dropped off? How do you know I didn't parachute?"

"Who are you?"

"I don't matter who I am."

"I gave you my name."

"You're supposed to; I'm not."

"You're a public servant, man. That's what you do. You serve the public."

"Have you got any business on our property?" the chief asks.

"I'm doing my business right here. This is my business. I don't see the big deal about me having a camera in my hand, man."

"You're a trouble maker. You're an agitator. You are an agitator."

"You agitated. You're the one that got the level up, not me,' NC points out.

"I'm just video taping, dude. That's it."

"Of what?"

"Of anything I can see."

The chief then tells another man that he's a trouble maker then turns around and insinuates NC using profanity in public is against the law.

Then he calls him an "agitator."

"Call me names, I call you names, you fucking tyrant," NC says.

"How about that . . . how about that?"

Chief Hall smirks.

"Everybody is seeing exactly what you are right now."

Chief Hall then approaches to shake NC's hand.

He refuses.

They begin arguing about why he was videotaping "his cars."

"That's just where I started."

The chief then calls him an agitator again.

"Let the public decide," he says as he walks up to the camera.

"You're an agitator. Let me tell you how the people are in this town."

"I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a year ago," he explains adding that about 2,300 people in his town showed up for him.

"Do you know why they love me? They look after me and I protect them," he says.

"That's all I was doing here: is protect them and finding out who's trying to mess with the police department."

"I'm not touching that car. I [sic] seen the flag on it. And that's desecrating."

"I'm going to leave it this. I'm going to leave it at this; that god will help you with your agitation problem."

The chief walks away.

NC narrates the video.

"He says he's a good guy, but he doesn't like people videotaping."

He then proceeds to record Blue Line signs on several other cars in the parking lot and points out one blue line doesn't involve the American flag.

"So that's OK," he says.

It's not clear whether or not the man who operates the channel NC Tyrant Hunter is a military vet.

But we will update if we find out new information.

Chief Hall may want to take note from Austin police officers — who learned the hard way — during this interaction with officers and YouTuber Phillip Turner, which can be seen in the video below.

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guess he didn't get the memo!

Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

The chief's ego needs a good popping. Inserts disease for sympathy, brag about a charity for himself, and claims to be a hero of the citizens. "Let the people decide". Ok, how would he handle a couple thousand citizens calling and voicing their opinions? That's rhetorical. We all know he would dismiss them as agitators, and ignore any opinion that didn't support him or his terrorist "blue line" faction.

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