WATCH: Angry Port Security Guard Threatens PINAC Investigator for Recording

Ben Keller

When this angry security guard didn't know the law, he made something up then got mad.

PINAC Civil Rights Investigator Jeff Gray exposed a security guard for the Georgia Port Authority who didn't know the law making it up as he went.

Gray, who conducts routine civil rights investigations in Georgia and Florida, was out taking photos at the Panama Port Authority when a security guard named P. Angermeyer walks out to confront him over his photography.

"How are you doing?" Jeff asks officer Angermeier.

"I'm Jeff. Nice to meet you, Mr., uh . . . Angermeier?"

"Yes, sir."

"Alright. That's cool."

"Why are you taking pictures?" officer Angermeier asks.

"Ah, it's the port, man."

"You can't take pictures of the port."

"Oh, really, why?"

"Because it's against the law."

"What law is that," Gray, who know it isn't against the law, asks.

"Federal law," Angermeier snaps.

"Do you know the code or anything?"

Angermeyer shakes his head and begins the hard sell on Gray, saying it with authority.

"[You're] not supposed to take any pictures. This is federal property."

"It's against the law," Angermeier explains.

"If you want to take pictures, you need to go inside and get permission. If you don't [get permission], then you can't take it."

Gray defies officer Angermeier.

"Like this right here?" he asks while points his camera and takes pictures.

Angermeye attempts to block Gray's shot with his hand then threatens Gray.

"Do you want me to call the police?"

Gray tries to explain he's only on assignment taking photographs.

"Stop taking pictures!" Angermeier says, pointing his finger.

"You can't take any pictures! How many times do I have to tell you that," he insists.

Angermeier then begins to shout towards another officer for help.

"Richard! Richard! Richard' he yells before walking away to pretend to call the cops.

"I'm gonna call the cops. I'll let them handle it."

"Which cops are you going to call? The sheriff's or the city?" Gray asks.

"Make sure you tell them I'm standing on a public sidewalk."

"I'll make sure and tell them you're an ass."

"That's not very nice," Gray replies.

"You aren't very nice. You wouldn't take the hint."

"I guess Angermeyer is appropriate for your name."

"You're not a very nice fella," Gray tells Angermeyer before the video ends.

Follow Gray on Youtube at HonorYourOath Civil Rights Investigations.

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The other rent a cop named “Richard” was the smart one he went and locked himself in the bathroom for half an hour! Too funny FYI

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