WATCH: Cop Enters Man's Home without Warrant, Detains him for Weed Paraphernalia

Ben Keller

Some officers are shy about violating people's rights on camera. But not this one.

A video now going viral, which was posted to Facebook on July 1, shows a Maine State police officer inside of a man's home, admittedly without a warrant, detaining him over illegal contraband he observed on the kitchen table.

The man said he used the item to smoke weed.

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Maine.

Apparently, the officer arrived at the home in regards to someone else who was not there at the time.

The video, posted by Evan Gonya,begins with the him asking the man to explain what the item is.

"You tell me why I'm being detained."

"Because I think that's illegal contraband," the officer replies before telling the man standing next to him not to come close to him again.

"I'm not. I'm standing here in my home. You're in my home, you f--k head," the man replies to the cop.

"C'mon, what is this shit? I've done nothing. I smoke pot. I own it. I smoke weed. He's here for him. That's the only thing he has the right to do," he tells someone standing in the room.

"All I know is my wife's waiting on me. I was supposed to be home (inaudible)," the guest says before leaving the home.

As the house guest walks out, the cop begins looking around on the table, attempting to find incriminating evidence against the homeowner.

The homeowner notices and objects, since the officer doesn't present him with a search warrant.

"Don't be searching my home. You don't have a search warrant!"

"I've had enough of this," the officer says before grabbing the man by his wrists and cuffing him.

"You'e had enough of what?"

"I've had enough of this. Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

The officer cuffs the man then orders him to sit down.

" I don't have to sit down. This is my home."

"Sit down."

"I don't have to.," the man insists.

"Then face that direction," the officer says before grabbing the man by his wrists and forcing his face towards the wall.

"I don't have to face a direction." the man says while being forced to face toward the wall.

"You're detaining me over nothing."

The cop then begins attempting to justify why he cuffed the man inside of his own home without a warrant.

"I'm detaining you because you keep stepping up on me. And I'm trying to do a simple investigation."

The man recording the incident then informs the officer he's being recorded.

"I don't have a problem being (sic) videod.I can explain it to all of you, but he keeps interrupting me."

"You're invading my privacy," the handcuffed man protests asking the cop to remove the cuffs.

But the cop begins searching through the homeowner's pockets instead.

"Don't get in my pockets," the man yells.

"Don't get in my pockets!"

"I'm not in your pocket," the cop explains. "I'm just taking a knife off your hip."

"You're not in my pocket, but you're taking a knife off my hip? Do you listen to yourself?"



The homeowner then requests to be released and asks the cop take his business and reasons for being at the home outside after the man recording asks if him what the reason for his detainment was, which prompts the cop to threaten him with arrest for obstructing if he didn't leave the home.

A female cop comes in to assist before the video ends.

It's not clear if anyone at the scene was arrested or if the homeowner intends to file a civil rights lawsuit.

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Another Great example of a Nazi Blue Isis Cop making it up as it goes! I guess he was asleep during Training about the Constitution. Can this Retard Tyrant ever be educated? I don't think so and I fault his supervisors for not holding this DoucheBag Accountable. Throw him under the bus and flush him down the toilet.


great video keep up the good work out their Maine cop watchers! Chief Tim DeLuca, ,207-532-2287 Lieutenant Theron Bickford, 207-532-2287, Admin Clerk Tina Bennett, 207-532-2287& Officer Jasmine Cyr, 207-694-3545

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