WATCH: Cop Pulls Over Man Because he Looked Like he had "Something to Say"

Cop Pulls Over Man Because he Looked Like he had "Something to Say"
Cop Pulls Over Man Because he Looked Like he had "Something to Say"

A woman recorded with her cellphone as a cop pulled over her husband, because the officer "thought he had something to say" and "wanted to get something...

Ben Keller

Video posted to Facebook last month shows a cop pulling a man over because he thought he had something to say.

Video footage posted to Facebook on April by Jabaree Lewis shows a police officer from a department that is not yet known pulling Lewis over after Lewis tried to make a simple lane change.

The officer, who says his name is Sergeant Jay M. Cole or J.M. Cole, did not allow Lewis to make the change by continuing to speed up and block Lewis' attempts.

When the Sergeant Cole blocked his lane change, Lewis apparently gestured towards Cole with his hands.

The video begins with the sergeant approaching the vehicle as Lewis' wife records the encounter.

"What do you need to get off your chest?" Sergeant Cole asks.

"I was trying to see why I couldn't get over. I had my blinker on and you continued to zoom up," Lewis replies.

"I don't have to let you over."


"No, I do not," Sergeant Cole explains.

"I do not have to let you get over."

"So why did I get pulled over, though?" Lewis asks.

"See, that's what I'm saying because I thought you had something to say because—"

"What I'm saying . . . but that's your reason for pulling me over? Because you thought I had something to say, bro.?"

Sergeant Cole begins to explain how signaling is simply a "request" and that a car in another lane doesn't have to allow a lane change.

He also explains why he pulled Lewis over without a legal reason.

"So, when I drove past you. You like this at me," Sergeant Cole says, imitating a hand gesture made by Lewis.

"But, OK . . . So, what do you want to say? There's something, obviously. Because something—obviously, because obviously—," he stutters again. "Let me ask you this: If we would have had a collision would you have been at fault or would I have been at fault?"

Lewis says he doesn't know and that he and his wife are still trying to obtain police reports from 2 accidents.

"Who knows?" he says.

"That was your choice that you didn't want to let me over. I'm trying to figure out why you're pulling me over right now."

"You're trying to get in a lane that I'm already traveling in."

"No, I was trying to get into the HOV lane."

The two continue going back and forth about the lane change before the video ends.

"Am I free to go, sir?"

"You are free to go," Sergeant Cole replies.

Lewis posted a caption with the video when he posted it on April 11.

"Power trippin at its finest...dude pulled me over because "it looked like i wanted to get something off my chest" (illegal on his part if yall know the law) ... far from over sir

Watch the entire video above.


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