WATCH: Cops Refuse to Arrest Teen who Turns himself in after Killing Two People

Carlos Miller

The Wisconsin cops also handed him water while telling others to get off the streets.

Perhaps Kyle Rittenhouse thought he would be protected by the same cops who gave him and his armed companions bottles of water while ordering protesters to get off the streets or get arrested Tuesday night in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

And perhaps he was right considering Kenosha police made no effort to arrest him even though he tried to turn himself in by walking up to them with his arms raised. The 17-year-old was not arrested until earlier today in Antioch, Illinois, which is about a 35-minute drive from Kenosha.

The aspiring cop is being charged with first degree intentional homicide, according to the New York Times. He shot two people to death and injured a third.

With a rifle strapped around his body, Rittenhouse was hanging out with a group of armed men described as a "militia" of "vigilantes," by Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth.

The men said they were "protecting" businesses from damage by protesters who have been demonstrating for three nights since the police shooting of Jacob Blake, torching several businesses. Rittenhouse even did an interview with the Daily Caller before the shooting, explaining his motivations.

But they ended up getting into arguments and tensions escalated. Witnesses say Rittenhouse shot a man in the head and ran away with several people chasing him. He then turned around and fires, killing the second man and leaving the third man with a bullet would to the arm.

He then tried to turn himself but cops drove right past him.

Earlier in the evening, the cops were expressing their gratitude towards the men with guns, including Rittenhouse.

"We appreciate you guys," the cops said through a loudspeaker to the armed men after handing them water.

Sheriff Beth said his deputies would have handed out water to anybody who asks but the video shows they were doing it while ordering protesters off the street in violation of the curfew while giving the armed men a pass in a blatant example of selective enforcement.

And the sheriff still has not explained how a man who just shot two people to death could end up in another state after attempting to surrender.

Meanwhile, Jacob Blake, the 29-year-old man shot in the back seven times by Kenosha police, has been told he is paralyzed from the shooting.

And Kenosha police have not yet released the name of the cop who shot him after he broke up a fight between two women.

UPDATE: Kyle Rittenhouse admired police, according to the Chicago Tribune.

His Facebook page, which was deactivated Wednesday morning after his bond court appearance, pays repeated homage to law enforcement, including a picture of him holding a long-arm rifle and framed with the “Blue Lives Matter” logo. Several posts also honored officers who died in the line of duty, while another shows him wearing a T-shirt with the logo for a popular police apparel manufacturer and Crocs emblazoned with the American flag.

The young man also has a yearslong affiliation with local police cadet programs, with photographs on social media showing him in full uniform complete with a badge, arm patch and trooper-style campaign hat. The Grayslake, Lindenhurst, Hainesville Public Safety Cadet program had pictures of Rittenhouse participating in its activities on social media before its Facebook page also was taken down Wednesday.

The cop who killed Blake has been identified as Rusten Sheskey, a seven-year veteran of the Kenosha Police Department, according to WDIO.

Police also said that a knife was found on the driver side floorboard of Blake's car.

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Carlos you need to do better research before posting. You have set PINAC way back with this one. Young man was attacked and lawfully defended himself it appears. End qualified immunity but for gods sake BLM is a marxist organization and if empowered will end the Bill of cannot exercise your rights while infringing on mine and thats what these rioters are doing..really dissappointed in you. 3rd CAG USMC 70-71 with the yards and in defence of the knut

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This. It's not good optics to be openly opposed to some human rights while protecting others. Nobody in history has ever been against all human rights for everyone, it's that selective support that gets people and regimes labeled as being human rights abusers.

With human rights it's very much all or nothing, and insisting that the victim of no less than three violent crimes is somehow the bad guy for choosing not to die that night is disingenuous at best.

The first guy that was shot was aggressively attacking him as he retreated, and was a much larger man. That's a justified shooting right there, because when you attack someone you know has a gun and try to back them into a corner, you demonstrate a personal belief that you will win a deadly force fight.

The boy then noticed a crowd gathering, and heard people exhorting the crowd to attack him. So he attempted to retreat, and the crowd, rapidly turning into a mob, followed him. That was an aggressive act.

One of the members of the crowd decided to attack a boy armed with a gun, who had already killed someone that night - in fact, the second attacker believed he was stopping a murderer/potential mass shooter, but was mistaken. That justified him in making a citizen's arrest, but he didn't attempt one. Instead, the second attacker went directly to deadly force in lieu of an arrest by attempting to strike the boy in the head with a blunt weapon. Again, this is a grown man attacking a boy who is attempting to retreat peacefully. But since he's been knocked down at that point and the deadly force attack continues, he is justified in shooting.

And then the third guy attacked. A felon in illegal possession of a firearm, who fired multiple shots at the boy who was STILL trying to retreat peacefully. You'll notice that the people baying for the kid's blood don't like to mention the third attacker, but he got shot too. If the kid was unjustified in shooting anyone that night, why is it that they don't mention the third person the kid shot?

After that, the kid tried to surrender to police, but the police weren't enforcing any laws that night, so they didn't arrest him. The fact that a politically-motivated prosecutor ordered his arrest later on, and filed charges that disallow a self defense plea must be purely coincidental, right?

The murder charges against the kid are just as bogus as the resisting arrest and trespassing charges against you, Carlos, all those years ago at that train station.

Rittenhouse is just as much a kid as Trayvon Martin was - same age and all. But notice how many people are demanding Rittenhouse be punished for self defense, who vehemently defend Martin on the same basis? There's only two differences between the two boys - both 17. The first is that Martin was the aggressor in a deadly force attack while Rittenhouse was the defender in three deadly force attacks.

The second difference is that Rittenhouse is white and Martin was black. Makes me wonder about the motivation here, it really does.


Wow, so many pro-vigilante people around here today. He showed up with an AR15 because he wanted to use it. Same with his mom (who should also be in jail for being an accessory to 1st degree murder).

Also, did the curfew rules have exceptions for armed vigilantes? Were they allowed to break that oh-so-important curfew? It would seem that the cops selectively enforced that rule as well.

This incident is rife with examples of double-standards that are as bright as a supernova!

Can't wait to see how you all deal when a black dude with a long gun shoots up a Confederate monument rally. I'm sure you'll defend him just the same. Right??


Oh Carlos this is a terrible article. Kyle was being attacked both times he shot and Blake isn't dead.


He will walk free self defense see "".


Initial video looks like self defense to me. Attack a man with a gun, seems likely you will get shot.


Did they have reasonable suspicion? I think no. If they stopped to detain him, would the complaint then have been that they did not get to the injured fast enough?

Further analysis of the various videos show self defense.


Sheriff Beth said his deputies would have handed out water to anybody who asks but the video shows they were doing it while ordering protesters off the street in violation of the curfew while giving the armed men a pass in a blatant example of selective enforcement.

ahh the good old "selective enforcement". if we don't like you or your group, we WILL selectively enforce the law! if your one of our's then you get a pass!

SO..... if protesters show with guns, will they get get the "selective (free pass) enforcement" or get shot, arrested, killed for exercising there 2nd and 1st amendment rights???
the blue lies mafia has already demonstrated there answer several times over! copsuckers "good". protesters "bad"! VIDEO'S DON'T LIE!


this kid better learn how to fight, otherwise he'll get put in a dress when he walks the yard!

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