Watch how Man Asserts his Rights Against Cops without getting Beaten or Arrested

Carlos Miller

The cop tried to intimidate him into handing over his identification but the man knew his rights.

Las Vegas police arrived on the scene intending to kick the man off the bus because they had been informed by the bus driver that he refused to show his pass that would prove he had paid the fare.

But the man did pay his fare and did have a bus pass. He just didn't believe he had to show it again to the driver who had replaced the initial driver during the route.

The man showed the pass to the cops who then confirmed with the driver that the pass was legit, which should have ended the discussion.

But the cop continued to fish for reasons to arrest the man, asking for his identification so he could check him for warrants.

The man refused to provide his identification since he was under no legal bounds to do so because the "investigation" should have ended the moment the bus driver confirmed his pass was legit.

But the cop puffed his chest out, giving the usual authoritative spiel about "investigating" a non-existent crime.

"What crime have I committed?" the man asks.

"For security, you didn't show them a bus pass," the cop says.

"That is not a crime," the man responds.

"It is a crime," the cop said. "You can't be on the bus without a bus pass."

"What is it, a felony or a misdemeanor?" the man asks.

"That's a misdemeanor," the cop responds.

"Ok, then you arrest me for not having a bus pass," the man says.

That was when the cop knew he had been owned and walked off the bus.

It is not clear at this time when the video was recorded but it was posted Thursday on a Facebook page called Young, Black and Married.

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