WATCH: Jorge Ramos Survives Donald Trump’s Onslaught As Sole Reporter

Jorge Ramos removed from Donald Trump's press conference
Jorge Ramos removed from Donald Trump's press conference

Donal Trump's security team removed Univision's anchor from a press conference in Iowa.


WATCH: Jorge Ramos Survives Donald Trump’s Onslaught As Sole Mainstream Reporter Asking Tough Questions (Updated).

Update: The above behind the scenes video depicts Jorge Ramos being told to “leave my country” by an unidentified white male, to which Ramos responded that he is a US Citizen as noted in the article below.

If Donald Trump were President of the United States, he would’ve just violated Jorge Ramos’ First Amendment rights under color of law.

Think about that.

Does the President of the United States have the authority to silence his critics? Certainly, he may be given the power to do so.

Trump feared tough questions by someone like Jorge Ramos, so he kicked the journalist out with his security when Ramos stood to ask a question, telling him to, “Go back to Univision.”

But Ramos continues to work for Univision.

He then continued with a five-minute rant, all nationally televised, with a quick viral response on the internet.

Would America really elect a President without basic respect for the First Amendment?

Should America really elect a President who puts down a Mexican-American journalist – who legally emigrated and took US Citizenship – who commits the sole trespass of questioning authority?

Jorge Ramos is the first American mainstream media reporter to stand up to the invective and hatred of Donald Trump to ask a few of the difficult questions, which trip up the ascendant Republican challenger for a major party nomination for President in 2016.

Ramos is an expert in confrontational journalism, putting Trump on the spot with tough questions – like a citizen journalist might, or as CNN says “activist journalists” – and he in fact got the bilious billionaire to speak on the record about some of the wackiest ideas that that politician has put forth on issues related to immigration.

Ramos’ thick skin is found in the best practitioners of American journalism, but his lack of support in his line of questioning from the rest of the corporate media is more revealing than the exchanges themselves.

Why is Mr. Ramos the only man to ask about Trump’s fantastical visions of 1900 mile long walls built with taxpayer dollars?

The corporate media has become so chummy, so dependent on these political candidates for grist to feed the daily mill, that they’ve lost all reason to ask a tough question and risk getting kicked out of a presser or even banned like the Des Moines Register has by the Donald Trump campaign.

Eventually, Trump allowed the persistent Ramos back into the room and answered almost 5 minutes worth of questions with sound byte-y Trumpisms and bullshit like, “Baltimore, Chicago and Ferguson gangs are filled with tough illegal immigrants.”

Trump delivered a strong repudiation of the 14th Amendment too.

Ramos caused Trump to reveal more of the moral bankruptcy of his position which is built on supposition, anecdote and puffery.

America needs to hear what the candidate who thinks we should build a wall 40% of the size of China’s Great Wall really thinks is going to work.

Even CNN thinks it makes “great television” but what’s missing from CNN is the perspective of anyone even remotely negatively impacted by either candidate.

Safe in their ivory tower, CNN loves selling ads but isn’t much for moral judgement. Heck, one of their quadruple talking head commentators in Dallas, the ironically named Ron Ferguson, claimed that most of Univision’s viewers wouldn’t understand Trump’s answers anyways. CNN’s anchor Don Lemon didn’t bat an eye or question that assumption – though one of the heads said that she was a Univision viewer and she “got it.”

One of CNN’s commentators was Katrina Campins, whose main claim to fame is having been on an early season of The Apprentice and becoming a star realtor on Miami Beach – her very spot on the panel secured by past association to the man she was critiquing.

I actually like Katrina very much as a person.

Her office was next door to mine on Miami Beach for a brief moment in 2007 and 2008, but why did CNN have her on a political commentary show without disclosing the kind of decades long relationship she shares with The Donald.

CNN sits within the Georgia World Congress Center, a place where the 1st Amendment is strictly regulated to maintain their monopoly on news expression. Even the world’s most popular travel blogger, Trey Ratcliffe wasn’t allowed into CNN’s garden to report.

Skepticism is just as extinct in American mainstream media as the print-only newspaper business model.

American mainstream media has been transformed from a group of people concerned about right, wrong and reporting the facts while trying to discern and impartially portray both sides of a story into a corporate media universe obsessed with ratings, ad sales, entertainment and mindless debate of balls and strikes devoid of critical reasoning which might point out a naked Emperor amongst a field of 17 candidates for major party nomination to America’s highest office.

Trump has even attacked conservative Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly since the most watched debate in cable or presidential primary history. Even the father of conservative-partisan news entertainment programming Roger Ailes has now asked Trump for an apology after his latest salvo against Kelly.

Megyn Kelly is quite possibly the only Fox News anchor that I’ve seen capable of making impartial statements of a journalistic nature – and Trump has made her public enemy number one.

Kelly’s difficult questions in that Fox News debate revealed Trump’s extreme misogyny.

Trump replied of course by shooting the messenger.

Seeing a pattern here?

It’s shameful to see mainstream media so cowered that their response to Jorge Ramos getting kicked out is to grade Trump’s performance and credit him just for letting Ramos back in the room later.

Corporate media is fat and happy to ask their flavor of “tough questions” which is no more than to calling balls and strikes, arguing about who “won” the exchange – rather than grade the content of Trump’s pallid responses.

Does anyone really want a President who’s going to expand government by 1900 miles of standing military on a wall and order men with guns to locate 11,000,000 people for legal action and deportation?

Our mainstream media isn’t interested in finding out.


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