WATCH:Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Walker


WATCH: Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Walker Interferes with Freedom of The Press Again

Once again Daniel Saulman aka “Tom Zebra” known for his web page “Mistaken Bacon” delivers as he exposes the now notorious Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Walker (524706) who on March 15, 2017, arrested citizen journalist of the former YouTube Channel +POETIC claiming he violated California P.C. § 402(a) when he was far outside of the established perimeter, so much so there was no yellow barrier tape or any semblance of a barrier.

Mind You, +POETIC was not out COP WATCHING, COP BLOCKING or even performing a FIRST AMENDMENT AUDIT, he was walking towards his home after finishing a long day at work, when he came upon several Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department vehicles and started documenting his surroundings.

A 100% Lawful and Protected Activity as the State of California Legislature determined when it changed the law with the passing of California P. C. § 148 (g) as well as determined by the 9th Circut Court of Appeals in the written opinion regarding Fordyce vs City of Seattle. Yet somehow LASD Deputy Ryan Walker assigned to the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station either fails to understand the Law or simply does not care to follow it.

Which should come at no surprise when one examines the past and recent history of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, with Former long time Sheriff Lee Baca and his cronies are either in or are going to spend some time in a federal prison, not the typical model citizens many a Law Enforcement Agency claim they employ. Yet individuals like Walker are gainfully employed and granted the authority to throw citizens in a cage and kill a citizen if they fail to comply.

The Video starts with Daniel riding up on a traffic stop where an LASD Deputy can be seen searching the interior of the stopped car for anything to arrest and charge the driver or the occupants of the car. This goes on for a few seconds when you hear Walker began talking at Daniel, saying that “they don’t know him” and that “he can’t stand there” and “for their safety” that”he has to move”. Walker keeps going claiming that this is for his safety, then he tells Daniel that “it is an order”, Daniel is in the process of complying when he put 2 and 2 together to realize that he is speaking to the very same Deputy Walker that falsely arrested +POETIC earlier this year.

Daniel says to Walker “Isn’t funny that I know who you are?” Walker ” You read my Name Tag” Daniel ” No You arrest photographers” Walker ” I Do?” then Walker loses his self-control and begins to behave in a manner likely contrary to the Policies, Practices, and Procedures of his employer as he begins to yell at Daniel and claim that Daniel is “Impeding his Investigation” .
This is where things go sideways as Daniel and Walker exchange salty barbs and other less than friendly words, mind you some will say that it was unneeded and uncalled for and I will completely disagree. Walker is the person that determined the tone of the exchange and it is he who is paid, and supposedly trained on how to control his outbursts and emotions.

Walker is the person that determined the tone of the exchange and it is he who is paid, and supposedly trained on how to control his outbursts and emotions.

Walker fully deserves to be referred to as a “Bitch” even though it is highly offensive to female dogs, he falsely arrested and falsified charges against +POETIC and those acts and actions deserve critical and harsh commentary as he violated the law and his oath of office, then attempted to do the same to Daniel, but wasn’t able to do it.

The video ends with four young black men exiting from the back seat of the LASD vehicle and return to their car, free to go on their way without further interaction from Walker. The video ends with Walker hanging out the passenger side window of the LASD unit and yelling something at Daniel as the LASD unit drives away.

The arrest of +POETIC by Walker, caused +POETIC’s camera gear to be seized and has yet to be returned and as a result, +POETIC’s funding from his YouTube channel vaporized and so did his YouTube channel.

At the moment we would like to ask if possible to direct some support towards one of the originals so that he can recover from this set back while seeking civil remedy by filing a claim for damages with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and if needed a 1983 Civil Rights lawsuit which all cost money. Please direct anything you can to help out.

Also feel free to contact Walker’s boss at the South Los Angeles Sheriff’s Station, the direct line to the watch commander is 323.820.6703, this a recorded line so feel free to share your thoughts with kind individuals who answer the phone.


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