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This female guard helped three inmates escape, now she is an inmate.

Recently released video shows a New Mexico female jail guard help three inmates escape from the Curry County Detention Center in Clovis. The inmates were caught days after the escape and the guard was also arrested. But the Curry County Detention Center is not new to jail escape, as there have been over a dozen escapes from the jail since 2002. 

                                                                            **(Sarina Dodson helped inmates escape)**

Photography is Not a Crime News obtained video from June 15, 2018 that shows Victor Apodaca, 28, Ricky Sena, 24, and Aaron Clark, 31 using jail keys to unlock a security gate to break out of the jail at 11am. The inmates then escaped from the outdoor recreation area through three secured doors KCBD News reports.

The video also shows the jail guard Sarina Dodson acting nervously in a control booth as the inmates graciously escape. Dodson was in on it the whole time because police say that she was the one that gave the inmates the gate keys. The Curry County Courthouse and the Curry County Detention Center were both put on lock-down following the escape.

                                                       **(Inmates Victor Apodaca, Ricky Sena and Aaron Clark)**

Dodson was arrested the very next day for her connection in helping the inmates escape. 

The inmates were on the run for five days until authorities caught up with them after receiving a tip that the suspects were at an apartment not far from the jail. 

An hours-long SWAT standoff ensued between the inmates at the apartments. Determined not to go back to jail one of the inmates pointed a gun at police which prompted the officers to fire shots. 

Clark, Sena, and Apodaca were all arrested after surrendering peacefully. No one was injured during the brazen encounter. A fourth man was also arrested for allowing the inmates to stay with him in the apartment. 

The three inmates were originally in jail for the following: 

Clark had been in jail on child abuse charges. 

Sena was accused of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, automobile theft and aggravated fleeing a law enforcement officer.

Apodaca had been jailed on drug charges.

Clovis County officials are currently in the process of making $11.6 million security enhancements to the jail.

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