WATCH: New Video from Huntington Beach Police Shooting Death Surfaces

Carlos Miller

WATCH: New Video from Huntington Beach Police Shooting Death Surfaces, Showing More Details

Contrary to what we reported earlier, the victim of the Huntington Beach police shooting caught on video Friday was a 27-year-old Navy veteran named Dillon Tabares who graduated from Marina High School as opposed to a student currently enrolled at the same school.

The previous information was obtained from a Facebook post by a woman who said she spoke to a student who witnessed the shooting who told her he was a junior at the school, which is across the street from the 7-11 where the shooting took place.

Also, a new video surfaced recorded from a citizen sitting inside a parked car in front of the store that shows the moments that that took place before the struggle on the ground and shooting death.

The new video shows Tabares charging towards the cop as the officer points a taser at him, telling him to “have a seat.”

The cop also deploys his taser but it did not seem to have much effect on him because Tabares takes a swing at the cop, which was when the cop places him in a headlock.

The two then struggle for several seconds before falling to the ground. At one point, the cop appears to say “let go of my gun.”

The video we posted Friday shows Tabares take something from the officer’s belt – but it was not the gun because the officer then pulled out his gun and fired several times.

The Facebook page, Black Coat Media, edited all three available videos together in sequence. We increased the volume of the video and posted it below to better hear what the cop is saying.

Huntington Beach police have not said much about the shooting, not even saying what the object was that Tabares removed from the officer’s belt, calling it “an undetermined piece of equipment.”

The man who recorded the initial two videos said it was an extra magazine for the cop’s gun, which clearly did not prevent the officer from shooting seven rounds from the existing magazine in his gun while ordering Tabares to “get on the ground.”

One of the bullets shattered the 7-11 window, grazing the arm of a clerk inside, leaving a bruise, according to the OC Weekly, which was the publication that obtained Tabares’ name.

The man shot dead by Huntington Beach police was 27-year-old Dillan Tabares, the Weekly has learned. He graduated from Marina High School, where the shooting happened across the street from, in 2008. Tabares previously served in the United States Navy as an information systems technician and lived in Norfolk, Virgina. He fell on hard times in 2012 according to a Facebook post where he wrote about losing his security clearance in the Navy after testing positive for marijuana and that he self-medicated for depression.

It is still not clear why the officer approached Tabares in the first place, but a witness told the OC Weekly that the cop pulled up in his car and began following the man, barking orders, only for Tabares to walk away, before he turned around and charged the cop.


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