WATCH: New York Cop Attacks Man for Recording him, Grabbing his Genitals

Nathan Dimoff

The cop told the man to delete the video or face a summons.

Not liking the fact that a citizen was recording him in public, a New York police officer handcuffed him for dubious charges, grabbing his genitals while asking if he understood the system in a clear act of intimidation and abuse of power.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority cop justified the assault by saying the man was smoking a cigarette on train property, which he claimed was not public property.

But it was obvious he just didn't like being recorded.

It was also obvious the cop, whose badge number 2281, was taking sadistic pleasure in harassing the man for recording.

The incident took place on August 22, but the video was not uploaded to YouTube until October 31 with the explanation that the cop issued him a summons, which was dismissed in court. The man is now looking for an attorney to sue.

The incident began when the copwatcher, who is only identified as "J" on his YouTube channel, began recording the cop talking to another man at a train station in Babylon, a town in Suffolk County.

Once the officer realized that he was being recorded, he told him that he was going to get his "ass kicked" for smoking on federal property.

The cop then stormed up to the man and demands his identification, telling him he will be issued a summons for smoking if he did not stop recording.

When the man tells the cop he did not have identification, the cop grabs him to arrest him, which was when the man said he grabbed his genitals, causing the man to scream out in pain.

After searching the man, the officer then puts him in handcuffs. The man then identified himself to keep from going to jail.

The cop then ran his name for warrants, releasing him with a summons when no warrants were found.

The caption to the video states that the officer told him that if he deletes the video the summons will disappear but he did not delete the footage.

He went to court on September 12 and pleaded not guilty and since the case against him has dropped.

He is now attempting to sue and is fundraising money for lawyer fees.

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Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

What ever superiority that’s above that cop isn’t going to do a thing to him.😎


That bitch got owned by that cop!

Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Too bad "Summary Execution" isn't a legal punishment for "Badge Bully" cops. Rail Car Fan


Corrupt cop drunk on power. NYPD's finest?


He should contact NY Civil Liberties Union and ask for a referral.

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