WATCH: On-Duty Houston Cop Takes Secret Pic of Woman's Backside at Drake Concert

Ben Keller

Video shot by a concert-goer shows a grey-haired Houston cop taking sneaking pictures of an oblivious woman's backside.

A Houston cop in full uniform working at a Drake concert was caught on video secretly taking photos of a woman's backside as she stood in front of him.

The woman appears to be completely unaware of the officer's actions behind her as she stands on the dance floor.

There was only one problem: concert-goer Chalice Williams was standing above the officer, observed what the apparently on-duty officer was up to, and then did some recording of her own.

Williams then uploaded footage of the incident to her Twitter account.

A second video from Williams shows the brazen officer admiring his work as others enjoy the concert, flicking through the photos; also completely unaware of what is going on behind him.

​Williams said the officer was zooming in on the woman's backside before she even got a chance to start recording, according to the DailyMail.

After the concert, Williams followed up with the woman, pulling her aside in the women's restroom to tell her what the officer behind her was doing.

The Houston Police Department said they launched an internal investigation regarding the incident on Wednesday September 3.

"Although HPD has not received a formal complaint, we have launched an internal investigation."

"We are aware of a video that shows actions of one of our officers at a concert last evening," a department spokesman said on Twitter.

In 2004, Houston Police Chief Hubert "Art" Acevedo was the subject of a $5 million civil sexual harassment claim involving explicit Polaroid photographs of a woman in Los Angeles.

Acevedo kept sexually explicit Polaroid photographs of the woman in the glove compartment of his police cruiser and showed them to supervisors after his affair with the woman ended, according to the San Diego Tribune.

Watch the second video posted by Williams here.

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I have heard the rumors about Houston Police Chief Hubert "Art" Acevedo. Watch this one be swept under the rug, too.

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