WATCH: PINAC's Jeff Gray Arrested for Criticizing City Hall without Permit

Gray was doing one of his civil rights investigations by holding up a sign that said, "F*ck City Hall."

Jeff Gray, who runs the popular HonorYourOath YouTube channel, was arrested Wednesday for standing outside a municipal building in Georgia with a sign that said "F*ck City Hall."

The Florida resident and veteran Photography is Not a Crime reporter had no real gripe with the city of Moultrie. He was just putting it to the test as he has done so many times to cities and law enforcement agencies throughout Florida and Georgia.

"I wanted to see if on the day before Independence Day if freedom of speech was respected in America," he said in a telephone interview after he was released from jail.

But Gray's sign drew the ire of Moultrie City Manager Pete Dilliard who called Gray "vulgar" and "low class" and had him arrested on a city disorderly conduct ordinance that police claimed made it illegal to use profanity in public.

Dillard advised Gray to apply for a permit but Gray insisted the First Amendment was the only permit he needed.

It was only last December that Moultrie told local media that he agreed with the city's police chief that the city's disorderly conduct ordinance is too broad and leads to unnecessary arrests.

The city council was expected to make changes to the ordinance, which has 29 subsections, so that it would fall more in line with the state's law on disorderly conduct which only has four subsections.

According to the Thomasville Times-Enterprise:

The goal of this new ordinance is to decrease the number of arrests for a petty disorderly conduct charge. Such petty charges could include yelling insults at an officer, which is an arrestable offense under the current ordinance. Ladson wants that part of the ordinance gone along with a few other tweaks.

Moultrie City Council approved first and second readings of the changes at its meeting Tuesday. Councilmen are expected to consider final adoption at the next council meeting on Dec. 18.

But the city ordinance posted online shows that it still has 29 subsection and has not been supplemented since March 2018.

But the subsection that addresses profanity states that the language need to have a "direct tendency to cause acts of violence."

Utters or uses in the presence of another any bawdy, lewd, abusive, indecent, vulgar, threatening or obscene language or make an obscene gesture in or near a public place which has a direct tendency to cause acts of violence by, to, or provokes a violent response by, the person to whom or of whom the remarks are addressed or heard; or,

So it appears to be an unlawful arrest even by the city' stringent standards.

Earlier this year it was reported that a Colorado man received a $175,000 settlement for his disorderly conduct arrest for holding up a sign in public that said "Fuck Bad Cops."

"If we can't do it the right way, we'll do it OUR way," one of the cops told Gray while he was being arrested.

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Easy aggravated kidnapping false imprisonment and treason case for jeff.....


I have been placed on felony probation, for a misdemeanor offense, check this, 1st offender act, yet could anyone tell me why both charges are on my criminal the clerks office!! Moultrie Ga bas violated many people and they have ruined my reputation for a well paying job, any job, for that matter!!! I have yet to see a single document from my hearing, related to incident! I am the victim of their financial fraudulent activity and I will be glad to have proof I need to fire the whole damn force...well, the Lindsey force...and cock sucking appointed attorneys who do as directed by the drug addicts themselves...the ones who will not arrest anyone unless its related to or directly dealing with amphetamines....fhats a suit itself...called profiling, harassment and knowingly bribery to the weak they can stay high for free and bust ppl for the mpd payroll checks. Dumb ass addicts. Your day will run out and you will not be needed anymore and goes where you go then...jail. Yep. Anyhow. I have a wonderful Angel that was placed in my path and to thank I will have to say its MPD...FOR MY ANGEL, HES A FELONY PROBATIONOFFICER..ASSIGNED TO ME. AFVISED ME OF THE HOLES IN MY CASE. IVE NEVER BEEN FINGERPRINTED BUT 1 TIME OUT OF 3 MISDEMEANOR INCIDENTS, OF WHICH 2 WERE DROPPED.. ON HIS THOROUGH NATIONWIDE DATABASE SEARCH(PERFORMED BY PO) OF MY NAME AND SSN...HOWEVER IM NOT EVEN ON PROB FOR THAT INCIDENT IN WHICH I WAS IN FACT GUILTY OF..GIVING FALSE NAME TO he frames me with pipe of some sort, in which I'vE to this day, never seen, read about in the discovery, that I have been denied of my own case hearing...cmon I could go on and on. But, PLEASE HELP ME...MR GRAY. I WILL GIVE AN INTERVIEW FOR YOU TO BROADCAST.IM IN NEED OF MY RECORD TO BE EXPUNGED AND EXPOSE THOSE LYING PREJUDICE AND UNJUSTIFIABLE MOULTRIE POLICE DEPT... PIGS...NOT ALL OF YOU ARE PIGS BUT I WILL CALL YOU OUT JUSTIN L. IM SUING YALL ASSES AND IM WAITING ON GODS TIME TO BE YOUR TIMES ☝ BUDDY...HELP ME MR GRAY. ILL GO PUBLIC AND I ND YOUR INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM AND CRITIQUE TO GO THROUGH THIS PROCESS OF WhatS been taken from my family. My freedkm, trust and dignity. #UreGodsSendandSon


The city took down their FB page already. I guess they don't like the heat they must be getting, so I took the liberty of calling their administration building (229) 985-1974 for a comment and transferred to a answering machine.



Think 4 urself
Think 4 urself

Well... It technically did cause a violent response by whom the remarks are addressed to. I'd say calling the police on someone for free speech is a pretty violent response.