WATCH: Security Guard Caught on Video Knocking Man Out, Fracturing his Skull

Ben Keller

A video surfaced on social media showing a Pennsylvania security guard punching a man in the face outside a nightclub.

Police in Pennsylvania are investigating a video posted to social media and seeking to identify the man seen dressed in a security guard uniform punching a man in the face with so much force it knocked him out.

Now, doctors say the victim 26-year-old Alex Renovales sustained fractures to his skull, nose, left cheek and eye socket.

He also suffered a blood clot as a result of the attack.

"Oh! Oh! What's up? What's up?," the security guard can be heard saying after the brutal blow to Renovales' face.

Footage shows Renovales falling to the ground, knocked unconscious.

"He hit him for no reason," a woman witnessing the incident can be heard saying after the attack.

"He didn't do (sic) nothing."

The video doesn't show any sort of disagreement leading up to the punch.

After knocking the man out and severely injuring him, the guard taunts others standing near the scene attempting to help Renovales from the ground.

"Who is next?" the security guard says, taunting bystanders.

The attack was recorded on a cell phone camera in Allentown, Pennsylvania at around 4:30 a.m. on Sunday outside of a night club dubbed the View Lounge on the 1100 block of Hamilton Street, which officials say is operating without a liquor license.

People who live in the area say the club is a nuisance and scenes like this are a common occurrence.

"I could see you having a club, but if you can't control the people you have in your club, or the people that work for you, you shouldn't be there," Mario Rodriguez told 6ABC.

The original video had approximately 15,000 views before it was deleted.

Detectives say witnesses have not been cooperative with their investigation, and the guard who threw the punching injuring Renovales has not yet been identified or charged.

However, reports say he works as a security guard at View Lounge located on Hamilton Avenue.


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