WATCH: Texas Cops Threaten to Tase Man for Recording Neighbor's Arrest

Ben Keller

Texas cops were caught on video threatening to taser a man for recording them arresting his neighbor.

Video posted to Facebook on June 30 by Tiffany Lee Billion shows Grand Prairie police officers threatening to taser a man recording them arresting his neighbor at gunpoint.

Police tell the man recording his neighbor had a felony, which is why police were arresting him.

Video begins with the man lying on the ground saying he can't breathe.

"I can't breathe, man."

The neighbor then asks why he's being arrested.

"He's got a felony warrant," one officer replies before telling him to mind his own business.

The officers then tell the man recording to go back inside or he's going to get tased.

"Sir, if you don't go back inside the house right now, you're going to get tased."

"My hands are right here. You see my hands," the man replies.

"Go back inside now!" the officer yells at the man before ordering another officer to "get him."

The officer comes around the corner with his taser drawn on the man with a camera.

"Get back inside," he says.

"Close the door. Or I'm going to arrest you for interfering with our duties."

Billions posted the video with the following caption:

Grand Prairie, Tx - Grand Prairie Police Department Is that a gun shot heard AFTER your officers violated the right of an individual to record? The supreme court has ruled public servants or more specifically law enforcement officers have NO EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY when operating in the public.

Additionally, your 🐷, without just cause, restricted the movement of the individual recording by closing his door and commanding the individual to stay inside. The individual recorded in the threshold of his doorway and his rights were violated when your 🐷CROOKS🐷 for officers impeded the publics view and right to record

Officer misconduct and abuse of power

Watch video of the incident above.

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David Saint
David Saint

oh and also the Privacy Protection Act of 1980. Ive noticed a lot of cops seem ignorant of this, thinking they can just take your camera and call it "evidence".

David Saint
David Saint

everyone needs to remember Glik V Cunniffe, which set the precedent for filming police in the course of their duties in a public place.


He should’ve used his right of self defense against these pigs

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