WATCH: Texas Park Attendant Fired for 911 Call Accusing Man of Running her Over

Crazy Lady Park Attendant Harassment
Crazy Lady Park Attendant Harassment

The situation was me leaving a lake with my Jetski. Accidentally steered down the wrong exit while leaving, this parks and rec worker happened to be outside....

Ben Keller

It all started with a call to 911 after a man decided to record a government employee fabricating a crime against him.

A Texas park gate employee named Judine Reed dialed 911 and accused Chris Hampshire of running her over.

Now, thanks to video evidence of the incident recorded by Hampshire, Reed, who worked as a park attendant at Cedar Breaks Park in Georgetown, Texas, has been fired.

But she hasn't been arrested.

Even though her false claims to the 911 dispatcher resulted in 15 officers, who believed a woman really had been ran over, speeding past Hampshire in response to the call on August 25.

Reed stepped in front of Hampshire's vehicle after accidentally exiting improperly when she informed him she was calling the cops and stood in front of his truck, blocking him from driving away.

That's when Hampshire began recording Reed on the phone with the police dispatcher.

"Please! Some guy in a car! And now he's video taping me! Because he's hitting me!" Reed lies to dispatch while Hampshire's vehicle obviously remains parked.

"Ma'am, ma'am! He's running me over!"

"Please hurry, ma'am!" Reed hysterically screams into her cell phone.

"He's a lunatic!

"And he's video taping me! Ma'am, please hurry!"

The attendant begins telling Hampshire he's going to jail for running her over.

"He just ran over me. And he's still moving. Please hurry!" she screams at the dispatcher.

Park rangers eventually arrived after hearing the woman's pleas over the radio before Hampshire left the scene.

He was pulled over about a mile down the road and eventually released after video helped police determine no crime, other than the false claims to police, had been committed.

Hampshire described the incident and posted video footage to his youtube channel.

"The situation was me leaving a lake with my Jetski. Accidentally steered down the wrong exit while leaving, this parks and rec worker happened to be outside. She saw me correct myself and I was about to leave the main exit point. At that point she started telling me she was calling the cops and I wasn’t allowed to leave. I said no ma’am you’re mistaken, you can’t hold me here. She jumped in front of my car then this is when I pulled out my phone... shortly after the video ended she stepped out of the way to talk to the park rangers and I voiced that I was leaving being that this was unlawful from the beginning and I didn’t do anything illegal. About a mile down the road I see 15 officers with sirens and lights speed pass me (they legitimately thought someone was being run over) quickly a few officers turned around, pulled me over and talk to me about what happened. Thankfully they were very calm and shortly after showing the video I was let go...."

Authorities at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Forth Worth confirmed the Reed is no longer working at the park, according to

Below is their statement.

"We are aware of an incident which occurred with one of our contracted gate attendants at Cedar Breaks Park, Lake Georgetown. We neither condone nor support this sort of behavior by our employees or contractors. The incident occurred on August 25 and the gate attendant is no longer at the park or providing contracted gate attendant duties at any of our lakes. Our goal is to offer a pleasant and safe recreation experience for all our guests."

Reed, who has not been available for comment, still has not been charged with a crime for the fraudulent call to 911 even though her crime was caught on camera.

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Magnolia Pecan
Magnolia Pecan

Calling 911 with dramatics and blatant lying gets people killed. I’m glad the victim wasn’t arrested or hurt , but she needs to be arrested


This is when you take this video to the DA's Office and tell them tax payers money was wasted, and she needs to serve jail time...that's how you bring Justice


they need to put her back in Bellevue insane asylum new York, NY! 

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