WATCH: Trump Supporter Chased and Attacked by Protesters

Carlos Miller

WATCH: Trump Supporter Chased and Attacked by Protesters Over “Let’s Make America Great Again” Cap (Updated)

A man sporting a “Let’s Make America Great Again” cap signed by Donald J. Trump pulled up to an anti-police brutality protest in his $100,000 BMW in Southern California, only to be chased and attacked by protesters Wednesday.

Feras Jabro said he was merely expressing his First Amendment right to free speech, but it was obvious he was also trying his best to troll the protesters, who have been demonstrating against the El Cajon police killing of an unarmed mentally ill man.

And although he told protesters he was there to “support the cause,” he told his followers on Periscope that he believed the El Cajon cops were justified in killing Alfred Olango – something he did not dare tell the protesters.

But the protesters got that impression anyway as he began posturing and posing for his Periscope followers, making sure to get his cap in the video with the protesters behind him.

The protesters ended up chasing him away, knocking him down and kicking him.

One of them swiped his signed cap.

With the help of protesters who were trying to protect him, he made it behind police lines. Cops then escorted him to his BMW, which was getting towed.

The cops told the tow truck driver to drop the car, which they did, and he managed to get into his car, but not before more protesters approached him, making him fear for his life.

So he drove off as one protester kicked his car, which made him very angry as you can see in the edited video below.

So it appears as if Jabro proved his point that his First Amendment rights are not very secure in a crowd of angry protesters if you are wearing a Donald Trump cap.

Trump, after all, has been endorsed by the largest police union in the country and is running on a “law and order” platform, vowing to give police more power if elected.

And listening to Jabro gush about police in his video – outside of earshot of the protesters – he would be just fine with that.

The first video below has been edited down, the second video is from JC Playford who recorded part of the incident and the third video is the entire incident from beginning to end.

UPDATE: Feras Jabro posted a statement to Twitter thanking police their “courageous service” in keeping him safe from the the “irate mob of protesters.”


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