Watch: Two California Motorcycle Cops Crash into Each Other

Carlos Miller

Watch: Two California Motorcycle Cops Crash into Each Other.

A Southern California man was out cop watching when he recorded a motorcycle cop drop his bike on a second motorcycle cop, sending that cop tumbling to the pavement.

The videographer who goes by “Katman” did not even realize what he had recorded until several moments later when he turned around.

He just happened to have a Polaroid Cube camera mounted on the back of his bicycle, which captured the two Torrance cops falling into each other.

And it’s probably a good thing he did not see it or he might have busted out laughing.

“You guys haven’t been drinking, have you?” asked Katman, who runs the Onus News Service YouTube channel when he eventually turned around.

“What do you think?” a cop responded.

“I don’t know … do you mind if I give you some FSTs?”

An FST is a field sobriety test, which cops love to conduct, especially these cops considering they were operating a DUI checkpoint at the time.

But cops will always refuse to perform field sobriety tests, especially when they are drunk and get pulled over by another cop.

They know better than to voluntarily agree to provide evidence against themselves.

Katman sent the following email to PINAC.

The best part was prior to the incident. When I arrived at the checkpoint all of the motorcycle cops were sitting together, about 5 of them. I was across the street but I heard someone from their direction say “anus news”. I looked over at them and they were all laughing and pointing.
Shortly after that two motorcycle cops pulled over the car in the video. I was filming the traffic stop and a 3rd motorcycle cop showed up and pulled up next to me and gave me a death stare. I said hi to him and asked how he was doing but he ignored me and just stared at me.
He is the cop that got knocked over. You can see in the video he stops to stare at me again while I question the driver of the car that got pulled over.
I think karma caught up to them.

At the time, the videographer was talking to another man the cops had pulled over, asking him on what basis did he receive a traffic citation.

The video was uploaded on August 6, 2016 and has been viewed more 30,000 times.


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