WATCH: WEST Coast Auditors Hit The Road, This Stop, Madras Oregon


WATCH: WEST Coast Auditors Hit The Road, This Stop, Madras Oregon

Three Citizen Journalists, Chris Ponte Of Oregon CopBlock, Robert West of Film the Police 911 and Muhammad Abdullah of WestCoast Auditors News Network loaded up and hit the road to conduct a series of 1st Amendment audits on Multiple Police Departments across Oregon.

During the journey, they stopped in a town called Madras, Oregon where they happened upon a traffic stop and began to document the encounter. A civil and polite interaction developed with the Two officers Isiah Duarte and Tony Barros, nothing like a typical “Portland Police Bureau” encounter by any means.

The Interaction began with Officer Duarte providing what he believed was a fair warning to the journalists that they needed to inform the officers if they were gathering audio (100% Untrue), which was made apparent by the cameras, he was quickly advised that there was no reasonable expectation of privacy in Public, he agreed.

The positive interaction continued and was pretty straight forward with a bit of friendly small talk about the eclipse that is going to be happening next month and the reason for the traffic stop, which was nonfunctioning brake lights, the driver was issued courtesy warming and allowed to continue on his way.

What is very unfortunate and completely correctable is the behavior documented during Portland police employee encounters, as they typically push back, simply don’t answer anyone’s questions and just have an all around nasty attitude towards people with cameras and citizens journalists.

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