WATCH: Woman Calls Cops on 8-year-old Black Girl, then tries to Hide

Ben Keller

A video posted to Instagram shows a white woman in San Francisco calling the cops on a girl selling water.

Her reason: because the eight-year-old black girl was selling bottles of water in front of her apartment building.

Without a permit.

Now, the woman is going viral under the hastag #PermitPatty.

It turns outs, "Permit Patty's" real name is Alison Ettel. She is the CEO of a company called TreatWellHealth, a company that sells cannabis to pets, according to Get Leashed Magazine.

Allison Ettel (Get Leashed Magazine)

The video, posted by ladyesowavy on Instagram, shows Ettel on the phone attempting to hide from the girl's mother who began recording and narrating what was happening.

"This woman don’t want a little girl to sell some water, she’s calling the police on an 8-year-old girl," she says as the woman attempts to hide behind a brick wall away from the camera's view while making the call to 911.

"Don't hide. The whole world is gonna see you, boo," the woman says.

Meanwhile, while trying to hide, Ettel angrily jumps up and continues making a report to the police about the girl selling water.

"Illegally selling water without a permit," the woman says talking to dispatch.

"On my property," the mother of the girl replies.

"It's not your property, hon" the woman says with an angry expression on her face.

The video, which is only about 15 seconds long, then ends.

Another woman, Michelle Dione, posted about the video on Twitter with a clip of the girl added in, along with a few of her own choice words.

"From @ ladyesowavy instagram post. San Francisco has ~~#~~PermitPatty WTF is wrong with you hiding like that. You want to be an “obey the law” authoritarian be proud of your need to control others," she writes.

"Guess kids these days can’t sell candy, water or lemonade anymore. Sad days."

Since the video began going viral, the personal Facebook and Twitter pages of Allison Ettel have gone inactive.

But we were able to locate a Twitter page for her business TreatWellHealth.

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Ben Keller
Ben Keller


Thank You for the heads up on that, NNMN.


Apparently Allison Ettel (aka 'Permit Patty') resigned as CEO of TreatWellHealth citing 'workplace stresses' in the wake of the public outcry against her.

vegas jack
vegas jack

StopMakingExcuses- Trump, cops and all military are Republicans. GO FUCK YOURSELF LOSER!!


The problem is calling the police on others. Cops do not hold themselves to reasonable standards, so it is dangerous. Don't do it unless a true emergency exists, one involving real violence. Calling the cops for anything less is reckless endangerment. Ask the families of Daniel Shaver, John Crawford, John Albers, Tamir Rice, and many more.


She's a lib. I love it when they eat their own.

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