WATCH: Woman goes off on Montana Cops who Walked in her Home Without Warrant

Ben Keller

Montana cops walked into a woman's home without a warrant after hearing loud talking inside.

Two Billings police officers entered a woman's home without a warrant, claiming they overheard an argument.

It turns out, the woman talks loud and she says there was no argument.

Video posted to Facebook by Angela Whitehead May 1 begins with one officer standing inside the door. (She says Facebook has since deleted her video but we have it posted above)

A person sitting down began recording after the officer entered.

"He can't," Whitehead says to the person recording.

"He can't do that. Thank You for recording, because he can't. You cannot come in my home."

She turns to the camera and explains she did not give the officer permission to enter.

"We heard an argument," the officer replies.

"We had an argument," the man recording on the couch says.

Whitehead cuts him off.

"No. Because this is my home. And this is my property. And I'm telling you to leave my home," she says.

The officer again explains he heard an argument.

"No you didn't. You heard us talking loud," the man on the couch says.

Whitehead ask the officer to leave several times, but he stands with his foot in front of the door, so Whitehead is unable to close it.

Whitehead continues telling the officer he violated her rights by not knocking on her door first.

"There's nothing going on here, and you are violating my rights, sweetheart."

Instead of simply leaving after it becomes apparent nothing is going on inside, the cops stand in the doorway.

The officers say they got a call about an argument.

"I don't care what you (sic) got. Because if I hadn't have just stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, this door would have been closed and your ass would have had to knock," Whitehead yells, pointing at the officer still standing in front of her door, so she's unable to close it.

She continues screaming and explains she's scared because the cops are white and she's black and she doesn't know them.

Eventually, the officers decide to calmly leave, which saves them a little face because many of the cops we've written about in the past have escalated similar incidents, particularly when cameras are involved.

Watch the video above. Here's the screenshot where she says Facebook must have removed her video because too many people were reporting it.

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the cop in the background is Officer Bickford. the same cop who shot and killed a man on October 13th 2020. he also bragged about kneeling on his back while he shot him in the head. the man shot was my baby brother Cole Stump. all Cause my brother slept with his wife..


Such an interesting video i watched from this website. I am looking forward for more blogs. Thanks you!
Regards, Jack.


The only wrong doing here is the gross violation of the Bill of Rights; if your argument is anything else, and that person is not here to defend themselves, stop being a gossip hoe.


I would play the shoot the intruder card. This is why people should fear for their life anytime a thug with a badge is near.


More to this story she’s a known nuisance cops have been called more than once. Loud and inconsiderate person she loves to play the race card.


I’m happy she knew her rights!! Her & her family could’ve been another hashtags. Thank God!


I have seen this woman physically fight with her husband as her kids screamed for help! She lives like a thug with her physically abusive husband and they act as if their actions don't affect anyone! Selfish selfish selfish!! God please watch over the children. Thank you Billings Police Department! She's going to need y'all one day and may your tires go flat while trying to save her lying, fighting, abusive self. Ugh! Pure rotten ugliness.....still. I lived below her and her amazing abusive husband. Horrible coming from a supposed adult.


Never talk to Billings cops without video recording!!! They were probably on their way to another on duty orgy, and got the address wrong.

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