WATCH: Women Celebrate at DC Pride Festival by Twerking on Cop Car — and Survive

Ben Keller

Washington D.C. cops surprisingly did not get violent as several women began twerking on a Metropolitan police car.

Video posted to Facebook last week shows women celebrating at the 2019 Capital Pride Parade in DC by dancing and twerking on top of a police car.

The video, which quickly went viral on social media, shows a Metropolitan Police Department squad car slowly rolling in the midst of parade revelers at the 2019 Pride festival.

Footage shows women climbing onto the top of the car and onto its hood.

One woman in black shorts straddles the roof and windshield then inspires others to join as she shakes her rear end.

An officer standing next to the car appears to tell the women to get down from the hood, but his voice cannot be heard over all the woman cheering in the background.

Another woman runs up to the side of the car, a few feet away from the officer, and joins in on the twerking while the woman in black shorts on top of the roof twerks while she also does the splits.

Video shows a few more woman climb on the car and celebrate, twerking their rumps.

Nobody was hurt, and no damage appeared to be done to the car, and police did not use force against any of the women seen in the video.

Earlier this month, some gay activists called for the removal of police at Pride events, saying officers inspire fear and threaten the safety of participants.

"Police have often been a force of terror for queer and trans communities," LGBTQ activist and Black Lives Matter member Malkia Devich Cyril told The Guardian during an interview.

"The efforts to remove policing from Pride are really efforts to ensure safety for the communities that are there. It’s a protective act. It’s an act of resistance."

Gay Shame, an activist group focusing on removing police from marching in Pride Parades, said the presence of cops at parades is a celebration of white supremacy, according to CNS News.

"(Police) exist to kill and torture black and brown people. If you are celebrating cops, you are celebrating white supremacy. There is no way around it."

Robert Ball, a former reserve commander with the Portland Police Department, who is gay, has spoken out about what he sees as anti-police antics of homosexual activists.

"I really felt like the request for officers to not march was essentially trying to put them back into the closet," Ball told The Week.

"Banning police officers from a Pride parade I think makes it go back in the other direction and actually hurts trust."

It's not the first time Pride organizers have attempted to limit interactions with police at parades.

A Portland Pride organization, Pride Northwest, requested police to remove their uniforms to participate in parades. ​

​In Sacramento, the police department issued a statement saying it was disappointed in the request.

"Our police department is disappointed that the LGBT Center does not want our officers attending upcoming public community events while in uniform. We support our LGBTQ officers who proudly serve our community on a daily basis. They have worked hard to earn these uniforms and are proud to wear them."

Watch video of the celebration above.

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Ben Keller
Ben Keller


Or maybe the disgusting culture is the one that sits back and says "disgusting" about people it doesn't know...over a 30 second clip.

The point is, nobody got hurt...this time.

I personally wasn't offended that the cops were relaxed about it. Or the women twerking.....


What a disgusting fucking culture

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