We Need a New Word to Replace "Videotaping" and "Filming"

Carlos Miller

With the advance of digital tech in video cameras, the words “filming” and “videotaping” are quickly becoming obsolete.

So what word can we use to describe the act of video recording?

Should I just say, for example; “A man was arrested Saturday for video recording a police officer.”?

Should I make it into a compound word, “video-recording”?

Should I just say “videorecording”?

It sounds clunky and there are too many syllables.

One blogger recommends we simply use the word “video” as a verb.

Graphpaper lists the following examples as how the word can be used in a sentence.

I will video my daughter in her school play tonight.
Make sure you set the DVR to video the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica next weekend.

But then how would I use that in a sentence.

“A man was arrested Saturday for videoing a police officer.”?

I’m still not sold on that term because there are too many vowels placed in a row.

So what do you guys think?


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