Welcome to the New PINAC; Now Let's Build an Army of Citizen Journalists

Carlos Miller

Welcome to the new PINAC, the latest version of the nation's original police accountability news site.

PINAC is back, recharged and reloaded with a brand-new writing staff, brand-new platform and brand-new business model, allowing us to continue educating the public about their rights while exposing police for trampling those very same rights.

We are also hiring writers and editors for paid positions as well as moderators for volunteer positions.

Already joining the new PINAC as writers are Jeff Gray, Shawn Randall Thomas, Phillip Turner and David Warden, whose YouTube videos you should be familiar with because they are the best in the business when it comes to auditing government officials with their cameras.

They will be writing about their video interactions with government officials in their quest for government transparency.

Eric McDonough will also be writing about his ongoing saga against the city of Homestead, a remote community in the southern tip of Miami-Dade County that has a long history of corruption because of its isolation from downtown Miami.

Ben Keller and Joshua Brown will pound out the daily breaking news and we'll be hiring more breaking news writers because we don't want to miss anything.

We will also have state correspondents; writers covering their respective states, including Theresa Richard in Louisiana; Kayla Schierbecker in Missouri; and Lawrence J. Smith in West Virginia.

That leaves 47 positions available in the other states, so if you're interested in being a state correspondent, read the information at the bottom of this article.

Your job will be to cover the stories and issues from your state that are relevant to PINAC's national readership.

James A. McArthur of the Baltimore Spectator will write analysis pieces about civil rights and government corruption.

And Stevie Bee of the Lyrical Elitist will write about issues pertaining to African-Americans in the criminal justice system.

Also joining the PINAC lineup is Mario Cerame, one of the most knowledgeable lawyers in the country on the issue of the right to record in public, who will write a biweekly column on that very issue.

And I will be writing in-depth/investigative pieces while working closely with all the writers to ensure we maintain that PINAC integrity and quality.

One of our goals is to create an army of citizen journalists throughout the United States by teaching them how to obtain public records at their local municipal buildings or police stations.

So we are looking for the gadflies because chances are, your local media is not covering your local government as much as it should.

The Maven

The Maven is a coalition of independent publishers on a single platform, writing and reporting on a wide variety of issues and topics.

All publishers have been vetted, so their identities and their agendas are no secret, unlike many sites these days that try to pass themselves off as "objective."

PINAC has always been more about transparency than objectivity anyway. We make it very clear where we stand.

We just happen to be more distrustful of police than the general media because many of us have been victims of police abuse, not to mention we are sent videos of police abuse on a daily basis.

But we are not "cop haters" as many accuse of being. We just want cops to honor their oath to the Constitution rather than the Blue Line.

Speaking of which, one of the other publishers on the Maven is Blue Lives Matter, a site run by cops who take the pro-cop perspective of many of the stories we report on.

We look forward to debating them about the differences between honoring their oath to the Constitution and honoring their oath to the Blue Line, if they're up for it.

Our initial goal is to build an online community, which is the first step in building an army of citizen journalists, who will shine the brightest lights into the darkest corridors of their local government agencies.

The first step is registering with the new PINAC, which will allow you to post articles, videos and comment directly on our home page in the third column. It will also allow you to exchange private messages with other registered members.

And in the next few months, we will be bringing back the PINAC t-shirts, caps and stickers as well as issuing PINAC press passes to those interested in becoming part of our journalistic team.

How to Apply

If you're interested in joining the PINAC team as a writer or moderator, please send me an email here with the subject heading either "PINAC Writer" or "PINAC Moderator," depending on what you're interested in doing.

Tell me how long you have been following PINAC and why would you want to be part of PINAC.

If you are interested in becoming a writer, please send writing samples and a resume.

How to Help

I'm fully committed to taking PINAC up to the next several levels. But we can only do that with your help.

Click here to send a donation.

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It is with the greatest of pleasure that you are now back and ready to go again. Your full force has been missed but never forgotten. Your pick of staff is top shelf and will continue to show credibility. Jeff, David, and the others are well respected in the auditing community. Again I say WELCOME BACK MY FRIEND... :-)



vegas jack
vegas jack

Welcome back!


Nice to have you back, but please this time unless it involve police Accountability please keep politics out of it. As I would hate to see it fall apart again.

Citizen Journalism