Why did that US Marshal seize & destroy a Los Angeles woman's camera?


Why did that US Marshal illegally seize and destroy a Los Angeles woman’s camera?

Former LAPD Officer Alex M. Salazar discussing incident where US Marshal seized and trampled a South Gate, California resident’s camera, as she lawfully recorded a gang task force arrest in Los Angeles county.

Alex M. Salazar is the Renegade PoPo.

Alex is now a Private Investigator in Los Angeles, California specializing in civil rights and criminal defense matters for more than 16 years. He also writes the blog www.renegadepopo.com

His career spans over 29 years of military, local law enforcement and private investigative experience. 

Alex developed severe PTSD as a result of a violent incident he encountered during his policing career, and is determined to help law enforcement officers in every jurisdiction prevent and cope with the disorder.

Alex has dedicated himself to these officers in battling PTSD and bringing to light the serious extent of the problem to the general public.

As a former Los Angeles Police Department officer, he reveals many personal experiences and injustices against officers and the unknowing citizens who have at times been maliciously targeted by an antiquated, overzealous system designed to maintain the status quo of the blue wall.

Today Alex serves as a public speaker, activist and investigator/police expert on police brutality, insular culture and the code of silence. He travels throughout the nation and was in Ferguson Missouri three times this past year to document and observe the aggressive and militarized stance of law enforcement against the Black people. Alex operates a website to help people learn more about the dangerous effects of PTSD and the code of silence in law enforcement.

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