Wisconsin Cops Tase, Shoot Woman Who Called Police For Help


Wisconsin Cops Tase, Shoot Woman Who Called Police For Help.

Wisconsin cops didn’t help the situation much when a Kenosha citizen called the local boys in blue on her neighbor’s english bulldog.

Local media isn’t reporting the woman’s name, but said that she’s still in the hospital licking her wounds, mostly inflicted by the police.

The Kenosha resident was bit by the dog, named “Tank”, then tased by a stray probe from the officer’s “less lethal” weapon and finally shot in the foot with the officer’s service firearm.

The video below shows Tank’s resting place and an interview with his stunned owner.

It’s unknown at this time why Kenosha Police Department was summoned to the scene instead of Kenosha County Animal Control, which lists a bite hotline phone number on its website.

Local outlet KFOR reported the police officers side of the story, but as you can see from their video report Lieveinse didn’t believe that his family pet could’ve been that agressive:

Once officers arrived, they say the dog began to charge them.
At that point, WTMJ says an officer attempted to tase the dog.
However, the taser probe accidentally hit a woman, who had been attacked by the dog.
Authorities then made the decision to shoot the dog.
In the process of killing the animal, the woman was also shot in the foot.

Meanwhile, pet owner Shawn Lieveinse is coping with the loss of his 16 month old household pet which he says sleeps with him in the bed nightly.

Lievense isn’t facing any charges for his dog getting loose.

Luckily, the still unidentified victim of this latest instance of police use of force is resting comfortably, not resting in peace after calling a peace officer to the scene of a dog bite.

Kenosha PD hasn’t responded yet to PINAC’s inquiry about why Kenosha County Animal Control Services were not dispatched in this circumstance.

Complete 911 call tapes have been released, but not to PINAC and may be found here.


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