Woman Calls Cops on Hispanic Mother then says her "Child Deserves to be Injured"

Darla Jeny
Darla Jeny

So we stop at PetSmart and I stay in the car with Elsie while she's sleeping in her car seat. Ac is blasting and she taps on the window to get me to roll...

Ben Keller

A California woman calls the cops, claiming a child was left alone in a car when the mother was inside the car.

​A video going viral on Facebook shows a woman in Riverside County in California calling police on a Hispanic mother of two in a PetSmart parking lot, then telling the mother her two-year-old deserved to be harmed.

"You deserve that child to be injured," the woman can be heard telling Darla "Jeny", who posted the video to her Facebook page after recording the incident.

"And you probably do injure it."

"Look at you."

Jeny, a 32-year-old who did'nt want to make her full name public, told PINAC it all happened after she ignored the woman knocking on her car window to tell her that her two-year-old was in the sun.

"I didn't roll down my window because I didn't feel like engaging her due to my previous experiences," she said.

A similar incident happened to her and her sister on September 20 in a nearby town, so she decided to record the incident, which was posted to her Facebook page on September 22.

> So we stop at PetSmart and I stay in the car with Elsie while she's sleeping in her car seat. Ac is blasting and she taps on the window to get me to roll it down. I try to ignore her but she wouldn't leave me alone. I roll down the window and she says the baby is in the sun. She threatens to call the cops if I don't move my car. I know my husband will be out any minute since we're only there for a few minutes. I then told her to mind her own business and that's when I started recording.

The video begins showing the woman pressing a button on a flip phone and telling someone on the phone that there's a baby locked in the car with the sun beating down on the baby and no mother inside.

The only problem with that story is Jeny was inside of the car with the baby with the A/C running.

"Before I started recording, I asked her why she was calling the police," Jeny told PINAC.

"That's when you can hear her on the video when it first starts out saying 'because you told me it was none of my business.'"

In the video, Jeny protests the woman's allegations, saying she was inside the car.

The woman then says into the phone she's going to speak to the husband, who was walking out after only being inside for a few minutes.

The woman changes her tune, saying she she didn't see Jeny was actually inside of the car.

"I can see she's OK now," she says.

"Oh, now she's OK because my white husband is here?" Jeny says to the woman who she now refers to as "PetSmart Peggy."

The woman goes back and forth explaining how babies get "stressed" before the husband asks the woman if she began calling the cops while the woman was inside of the car with her baby.

Then, as Jeny's six-year-old witnesses the scene, the woman can be seen in the video wishing harm on Jeny's two-year-old, saying she "deserves for her child to be injured" shortly before the video ends.

Jeny said her husband has seen the video and was upset, but not surprised since she's been telling him of various incidents near Riverside County.

The woman in the video has not yet been identified. But we took the liberty of capturing a screenshot of the license plate on her silver KIA.

The video now has over 70,000 views.


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