Woman Records Incompetent Security Guards who Falsely Accuse her of Shoplifting

Carlos Miller

A pair of Kohl's department store security guards whose incompetency was captured in a viral video continued to double-down on their false accusations that a woman had shoplifted merchandise.

But the video also showed the security guards never bothered to check the dressing room where the woman said she had left the clothes she was accused of stealing.

Now the woman, Yolanda Montoya, is calling for the security guards to be fired. So far, Kohl's has only apologized, according to ABC 7.

The incident, which took place July 5 in San Leandro, California, highlights the importance of recording encounters with police and security guards and anybody in authority, especially when they are falsely accusing you of something.

The guards, whose names have not been publicized, chased Montoya down after she had left the store, accusing her of shoplifting, asking her to walk back inside the store with them into a back room.

Although she was under no requirement to return to the store with them, she agreed but insisted on recording. However, the guards told her it was illegal to record because it was private property but she continued recording and they called police.

When a police officer arrived, the guards told him she had shoplifted a pair of red shorts because they had seen her on camera waking into a fitting room with the shorts, then walking out without them.

However, she said she had never tried on red shorts. And all the clothes she did try on and did not purchased were left in the dressing room which they evidently did not check because they were with her the entire time after they had detained her.

She then emptied the entire contents of her backpack which was filled with diapers and other personal items, including the clothes she had purchased.

Even after realizing they had no evidence, they continued insisting they were missing a pair of red shorts or maybe it was a brown skirt they began saying once she established she never carried a pair of red shorts into the fitting room.

But that was the excuse they made to try and trespass her from the store, which would mean they would have to type her personal information into their computer system and have her arrested if she ever dared return.

And when she began questioning how they could trespass her, they decided they would just "let her go."

"What I want to do i let her go, we don't have to put her into the system, and handle it that way but at the end of the day, I'm still missing stuff even though I went to go check," he said.

"You did not go check the damn fitting room" she responded. "You are a liar."

Watch the condensed video above or the full video here.

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This is a new scam exclusive (as far as I know) to Kohl’s. After reading this, I’ll be hiring an attorney. Mine’s a longer story and I wish, wish, wish I’d have been as brave as she was and recorded. What they’re doing is making accusations, refusing to show you ANY evidence of what they’re talking about. HOPING that you are intimidated and just want to get away from them and in my situation, I was on my way to take care of my Grandchildren and was supposed to be at their house in 15 minutes. Because I didn’t want to put them out and have them miss their event, I refuted their accusations and they told me they have the right to ask anyone not return to their store which was FINE with me!!! They don’t want any police involvement and typically who does? So, they ask you to sign a paper stating that you won’t come into their store anymore which I was never planning to do anyway! Then a week later, I get a request for a “civil fine”. I didn’t pay it and planned to get an attorney to fight anything they tried collecting. I’m SO glad to have this video to use. They’re real scumbags and if you don’t know the laws (which I don’t) then they can play a lot of games. The one thing that I DO have is money to have an attorney fight them and likely sue them as I was harassed for no reason and it was also humiliating.

James Lawrence
James Lawrence

Don't ever, ever, never go anywhere with a store security, especially into a closed room. Once you are alone with them they can produce any item they want and say they found it on you and there's nothing you can do to disprove it. Remain in public view, demand the police, and record everything.


I really hope she got a attorney! I would haved them for kidnapping and few other crimes.


Well hopefully his days are numbered and the victim here will recieve a nice settlement they can use to shop elsewhere.


they would have to drag me back in the store! then loss prevention would be charged with assault and unlawful detention.

these two fucktards will get fired. corporate will end up settling for an undisclosed amount. and address the policy to see what changes need to be made.


I would’ve returned everything i just bought for a refund

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