Woman who Recorded, Live-Streamed Slain Officer's Death Receiving Death Threats

Ben Keller

A woman who live-streamed a police officer as he lay on the ground dying is receiving death threats.

A woman who live-streamed the tragic last moment's of a slain Missouri police officer's death says she's now getting death threats from police officers and family members of law enforcement.

Kashina Harper recorded the death of North County Police Cooperative police officer Michael Langsdorf, who was responding to a call about a bad check on Sunday, according to the Miami Herald.

Now, Harper says she regrets lives-streaming the video after receiving death threats.

But it's too late for that.

"I don’t know why I went to Facebook, I don’t know," Harper said.

"I regret it. I didn't know the officer was going to die."

And the St. Louis Post-Dispatch also apparently regrets publishing the video.

PINAC has obtained a copy of the video through one of our readers, who took the liberty of downloading the footage.

However, our intent has never been to cheer police officers being murdered, and it goes against Facebook's so-called community standards, we think. So we will not post the video.

Langdorf was reportedly killed in a struggle with Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks during a confrontation about the bad check.

Officer Michael Langsdorf (left) Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks (right)(North County Police Cooperative)

The two men ended up on the ground.

That's when Meeks pulled his gun, repeatedly pistol-whipping Langsdorg in the head — then shot him in the head.

In the video, you can see Langsdorf still alive, apparently at the store that called about the hot check.

He's moving around as others urge him to hang on.

Eventually, other officers arrive on-scene and perform CPR on Langsdorf, begging him to stay alive.

But Langsdorf sadly died at the scene.

Meeks, 26, reportedly confessed to murdering officer Langsdorf, 40, on Monday, according to the Herald.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has since removed the link and issued an apology on Twitter, saying that publishing the video was "bad news judgement."

Langsdorf, who had 17 years in law enforcement, is survived by his wife and two children.

Law enforcement from around the country has taken to social media to express condolences.

North County Police Cooperative Assistant Police Chief Ron Martin said the department has never had one of its officers killed.

"We've never had an officer-involved shooting in the four years we’ve been here, and we’ve never had a police officer killed in the line of duty," Martin said.

"Mike is our first one. It's pretty tough to get a grasp on it all."

Martin said Langsdorf liked being a police officer.

"You want to talk about a guy who just liked to be the police. It was in his blood. He wanted to help people, you know. He'd drop a dime and be there for anybody, anywhere," he said.

Langsdorf and Martin had worked together for about two decades.

Last year, Langsdorf was one of four St. Louis police officers who were charged for overtime fraud. Langsdorf was accused of submitting claims for $2,000 in overtime he never worked, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

A judge eventually dismissed charges against Langsdorf and two other cops.

He apparently lost his job over the charges because he was hired only three months ago by the North County Police Cooperative.

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Funny how no one removes the videos of them killing innocent people . Bless his family but owell I don’t feel sympathetic to a live video LMAO DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY VIDEOS ARE UP OF THEM KILLING US . The comments would be different if this guy was a black innocent man “ maybe he had a gun” “thug” “it’s hard for cops” he was crooked probably didn’t deserve to die but does anyone?🤔oh wait only if their black right ? lol pos


Overtime fraud, right? In Massachusetts, our state police are masters of thievery from the taxpayers through the skin called overtime fraud. They were also involved in destroying paperwork that could prove further expansion of persons involved in this overtime fraud. As for the live streaming, I could picture someone live streaming a cop as he's getting ready to die and in the background hearing someone say die m*********** died, just to see how many likes they get on YouTube, right? It seems to me to be a police officer you just have to be mentally unstable, have zero respect for other person's lives, and be at rest at cheating the rest of society, is that about the gist of it? You betcha.


Fuck that dead cop


To all those cowards who sat back and did nothing to help this man may it haunt your soul forever. Bad karma will be with you for eternity.


I got a copy of the video


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A woman who live-streamed the tragic last moment's of a slain Missouri police officer's death says she's now getting death threats from police officers and family members of law enforcement.

ANY one else making death threats would get charged for a felony. but cops and there little piggy's get a free pass..............

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