Minnesota Cops Pull Woman off Bus and Arrest her for Comments about White People

Nathan Dimoff

Cellphone footage captures officers arresting a woman on disorderly conduct charges due to a comment she made on a bus.

A video showing two Minneapolis police officers arresting a woman under questionable circumstances surfaced on social media Tuesday with one cop saying they need to "figure it out" before they could explain why they were arresting her.

That was after he told witnesses that he was arresting her for saying something negative about white people.

But whatever she said was only after he approached her and asked for her identification for unknown reasons as she rode the bus to her job at Wells Fargo.

The caption on the Facebook post states that the officer pulled the woman off the bus asking her for her identification while twisting both arms behind her back.

The video begins with the woman holding her identification as the cop struggles to arrest her while witnesses protest the arrest, telling the cop she broke no law.

Twenty seconds into the video, the woman sees her boyfriend and asks him to come help her.

"This is disgusting," one of the on-lookers say.

"Ask her what she just said on the bus, about white people," the officer says.

"I don't think it had anything to do with race, don't bring race into this," another on-looker replied.

Not even a minute into the video the woman can be heard screaming in pain as the officer twists her arm.

A minute into the video, another officer arrives pushing the boyfriend away with her taser.

The woman is then cuffed as the taser is on her back.

Once the initial officer stands up the boyfriend asks if he will tell him why was he arresting his girlfriend.

"We will, once we have it figured out," the officer responds.

A third officer arrives in plain clothes and helps her get up while handcuffed.

The woman and officers proceed to the patrol car and the arresting officer states that it all is recorded and will give his card out.

According to the caption, the woman was charged with disorderly conduct.

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