Alabama Cop with History of Lies Arrested for Staging Attack on himself

Carlos Miller

The cop has been reprimanded in the past for filing false police reports.

Birmingham police officer Keith Buchanan was found lying on train tracks, not speaking, his patrol car riddled with bullets, after putting out a call for "shots fired" to dispatchers last month.

At least three law enforcement agencies blocked off roads to ensure Buchanan was rushed to the hospital with no delays as dozens of cops showed up to the hospital to show their support.

But then it was determined he had not been shot.

And now it has been determined he had made the whole thing up in what Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith calls an example of "stolen valor," according to

Buchanan, who was hired in 2012, will be fired and charged with criminal mischief, false reporting and discharging a firearm in city limits. Chief Smith said they are only waiting for the warrants to go "though the proper channels.

The incident took place at 1:23 a.m. on July 21 after Buchanan told dispatchers he was pulling over a car. His next call to dispatchers was that shots had been fired.

A Tarrant police officer responding to Buchanan's call of distress found his patrol car riddled with bullets before finding the cop lying on the train tracks.

"He wasn't communicating very well at that point," said Birmingham Police Sergeant Johnny Williams.

According to

But Smith said a police investigation of the incident could not corroborate Buchanan’s claims and that the officer was relieved of his duties last week. Buchanan is on administrative leave with pay for 30 days; his fate will be determined pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation.

“Our investigation has concluded that this entire event has been a hoax -- the radio call, the shots fired, the help call, lying injured on the tracks, the damage to the police car -- all a hoax,” (Birmingham Police Chief Patrick) Smith said. “We found nothing to support the officer’s accounts of this incident. And I cant say it enough: we will always be in relentless pursuit of our suspects, even when one of those suspects is one of our own.”

The chief said Buchanan’s actions deteriorated the trust built up between the department and the community and said the incident was a case of “stolen valor” and “stolen honor.”

“This officer did a lot on that night to present a false image of heroism," Smith said. "He endangered the lives of the community by discharging his firearm, and also other officers, as they responded from all over the city to be at his side and do everything that they can to help.”

Buchanan's personnel file includes a 2016 reprimand for filing a false report in relation to a public intoxication arrest as well as a 2015 reprimand for keeping a suspect's gun for four months without notifying officers before falsifying a report that he had found the weapon. In other words, he had tried to steal the gun but was then caught.

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😂😂😂 reality hit his ass quick. I can tell that dude use to harrass the hell out of minorities. Hopefully he'll be sharing a cell with a couple dudes he took to jail for a bag of weed. Don't drop the soap BROTHER ✊


Just called WKRG and suggested a follow-up of use of force the same night. We know the cops went crazy like LAPD.


A FOIA for stops that night and people that had cops kneeling on their necks would produce some suits. LAPD shot 2 women for this reckless shit


very pity

Lance E
Lance E


Has anyone ever seen police block off the route to the hospital for any citizen who was in need of medical attention?


another punk-ass pig trying to work the system and get early retirement! hope he gets a felony and they take his pension!

Cops Gone Rogue