Arizona Cop Fired For Killing Daniel Shaver,


Arizona Cop Fired For Killing Daniel Shaver, Who Prosecutors Admit “Didn’t Do Anything Wrong” (UPDATED)

UPDATE 3/31: Arizona Prosecutor Bill Montgomery asked the Judge to seal video evidence of Daniel Shaver being killed on his hands and knees, while begging police for his life, which Mesa Police took from the unarmed man. Lawyers representing Laney Sweet – his widow – have released the following statement: “We vigorously oppose the underhanded effort of the County Attorney to have theCourt seal the body-cam video showing the cold-blooded murder of Daniel Shaver.”

If you believe this video should be released immediately, tell the Maricopa County District Attorney at (602) 506-3411\**.


An Arizona prosecutor was caught on audio recording telling Daniel Shaver’s widow that he would suppress videos her beloved husband’s death, because she might share them with the media.

Mesa Police fired Phillip Mitchell Brailsford for killing Shaver and numerous other violations.

It was all caught on a body camera.

All of the investigative reports are below, but we still haven’t seen the video.

Laney Sweet has been devastated by the loss of her husband Daniel Shaver, a pest control specialist shot five times by Mesa officer Brailsford, who Arizona prosecutors admitted in a video which the widow recorded, and you can see below, that Shaver “tried to comply,” and, “didn’t do anything wrong.”

But Brailsford killed him anyway with five shots from his AR-15 that said accurately, “You’re Fucked” from just 12 feet away.

Sweet released the complete video of her conversation with prosecutors from March 14th, earlier today when they released the 911 calls and other information.

The Arizona cop indicated in his Internal Affairs interview, which you can see below, that he selected his personal weapon, the high powered Armalite Rifle for its long range.

“I can see his right hand go behind his back from my angle, um, so I perceive this as a threat” Brailford told police investigators, “He’s crawling towards us, trying to gain a position of advantage, urn, in order to gain, urn, a better firing position on us.”

It’s still not truly known why Brailford might imagine Shaver was gaining the advantage, since he was crawling to them on his hands and knees, exactly as told by Brailsford’s Sergeant.

Brailsford was charged with second degree murder earlier this month.

Not to worry, the Maricopa County District Attorney Bill Montgomery told Sweet that he would refuse to release the video to Laney Sweet, because she might run off and tell the press, at the 4 minute mark in the video below

But he released the Arizona cop’s side of the case file, with 911 calls and Brailsford’s complete IA package and termination documents.

In the 911 call today, the AP described Shaver as begging, “Please don’t shoot me.”

And Shaver was wearing nothing more than gym shorts according to family lawyers from the Geragos & Geragos recent statement, which you can see below.

So, he didn’t even have a waistband to reach into.

Mark Geragos issued a statement last week when the officer was fired, noting that the prosecutor offered the perpetrator a deal, without consulting the family first.

Montgomery is offering Brailsford a sweet plea deal, that will likely leave the now-former Arizona cop facing zero jail time and a few years of probation in exchange for a negligent homicide conviction.

“The media will keep asking you questions until they get you to say something they want,” said Montgomery the prosecutor, explaining why it’s a bad idea to speak to the media, in his twisted mind seeking to protect Sweet from the likes of PINAC News, rather than his dangerous police officers because, “Quite frankly, they (the media) don’t give a rat’s ass about you or anything else.”

But the prosecutor is clearly showing how much he cares about Laney Sweet by trying to hand her husband’s killer a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card and trying to keep her from talking to the media while he subverts justice to favor a cop who killed.

“The body camera video will show a cold blooded murder,” said Geragos lawyer Ben Meiselas, “and we expect the prosecution to show Brailsford no privilege for holding the badge when he fired the shots.”

“The public and the victim have the right to see this video.”

If you think this video should be released immediately, tell the Maricopa County District Attorney’s office at (602) 506-3411.


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