Arizona Cop Picks up K9 and Charges Shoplifting Suspect when Dog Fails to Attack

Carlos Miller

The dog is improperly trained, according to a retired cop who is a "use of force expert."

The police dog looked as if it wanted to play with the shoplifting suspect, wagging its tail and barking at the man, but not biting or attacking.

So the Avondale police officer picked up the dog and charged towards the suspect which was when it began biting him.

Soon other cops joined in, beating the man until they were finally able to arrest the man.

Police say the man, Rafael Gutierrez, 27, assaulted them first, but that part is not captured on video.

According to AZ Family:

We asked a retired officer who is an expert in “use of force” and he doesn’t want to be identified, but says this was not handled correctly.

“It’s bizarre. Actually, I've never seen that in a live event,” says the expert. “I have seen that in training on occasion when you're dealing with a problematic dog.”

The retired officer says this comes down to a training issue and that the dog is not doing what it’s been trained to do.

“The dog is probably causing more harm than good at this point, and I think the proper thing would have done to get the dog out of there,” says expert.

Avondale police say the suspect, 27 year-old Rafael Gutierrez, assaulted the officer and his K9 before this video began, so we don't see the whole encounter.

We will be updating this story as we get more information.

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The cop forcing his dog to bite a compliant perpetrator of shoplifing a none violentn crime by the way, ought to be fired and charged with assualt.

I personally will hunt anyone one down who does this to me and insure they never do it to anyone else again.

As I love my neighbor

The judicial system is broken. The government protects its self not citizens so protect yourself and your neighbors

We are living in a lawless tyranical nation full of ignorant cowardly people. It is not going to end well.

Rail Car Fan
Rail Car Fan

Once again, "Badge Bully" cops doing what they do best. Rail Car Fan




The man in this scenario Rafael Gutierrez is my 2 daughters' father and he did not deserve this treatment .. i am flabberghasted at the officers childish behavior.. my poor daughters saw this because the news played it and we had no idea it was gonna be on 😯😔


Attacked by Thrown Dog! Is that a Misdemeanor or Felony?


More lying cops. If they were assaulted, the dog would not have behaved friendly.

Cops Gone Rogue