Arkansas Cop Caught on Camera Stealing Drugs and Stuffing Them in His Pants

Joshua Brown

Drugs went missing from the evidence room, cop was caught in the act stealing it.

A Marion, Arkansas police officer has surrendered to authorities after a months-long investigation by state and local police. Lieutenant Freddy Williams of the Marion Police Department admitted to stealing marijuana and smoking it.

Cameras caught Williams stealing drugs and stuffing them in his pants.

On February 12 Williams was arrested for evidence tampering, possession of a controlled substance and violating the rules of conduct by a county officer or employee -- two felonies and a misdemeanor.

According to court documents, narcotics officers within the Marion Police Department set up hidden cameras after they suspected someone of tampering or stealing evidence.

The cameras caught Williams entering the evidence room 13 times between October and December 2018, and on some occasions they said he could be seen stealing evidence and hiding it in his pants. An internal investigation was then launched, Fox 13 reports.

Williams works in the criminal investigation department. In fact as Lieutenant, Willams oversaw and had full access to the general evidence locker. Marijuana and prescription pills were missing from dozens of cases.

When confronted by fellow officers, Williams confessed to stealing marijuana and smoking it.

Police Chief Gary Kelley then contacted Arkansas State Police (ASP) to investigate. ASP learned that Williams accessed the evidence room about 22 times during 2018.

The Marion Police Department is now trying to assess whether this will affect any of their cases. Court documents show narcotics officers conducted an assessment of the evidence locker and determined there are 33 cases with missing evidence -- 23 with missing marijuana and 10 with missing prescription pills.

Williams was Officer of the Year twice during his 18 years at the Marion Police Department.

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