Arkansas Man Beaten and Hospitalized by Cops after Riding Bike with No Lights

Nathan Dimoff

A bike ride home from work with no lights ends with getting 9 staples and being behind bars.

Carla Horton, who is the Lonoke County Coroner in Arkansas as well as a family friend of 33-year-old Aaron Clark, uploaded Clark's mugshot Tuesday on Facebook claiming that he was beaten by the local sheriff's office.

According to Horton's Facebook post, Clark was riding his bicycle home from work on June 6, 2018 when he was stopped and beaten by deputies from the Lonoke County sheriff's office for riding his bike with no lights.

She also states that Clark left work at midnight and was on his way home when pulled over on within 30 minutes on what she calls a dangerous road, depending on the traffic.

Horton's post states that at 12:24 a.m., Clark tried to call his mother but was advised to hang up the phone by the deputies, which was when they proceeded to beat him.

Deputies transported Clark to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for medical assistance before booking him into jail, she explained.

She ends her post quoting a Bible verse stating: "A day of reckoning is coming' ~~~ Isiah 2:12~~~"

Clark, who ended up with several staples, was charged with battery to the second degree, possession or paraphernalia, obstruction of governmental operations, resisting arrest, fleeing on foot and defective lights.

How did a stop defective lights turn so brutal?

"This is police brutality to the nth degree," Soon to be family member J. R. Haney wrote in the comments of her post.

The post has has been shared over 300 times and in the comments of the shared posts multiple officers from the department are claiming that it did not happen how Horton claims.

Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley, who is also running for reelection, also took to Facebook claiming that Horton's claim is false.

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I have witnessed this sheriff's department sucker punch a guy that was already in handcuffs behind his back, in the guys temple, just because he felt like and knew he would get away with it. Do not re-elect sheriff John Staley. He violates the rights of citizens by trampling over our constitution and taking the law into his own hands. Anyone living in that county could someday by an innocent victim of his unethical tactics. A person in his position of power, needs to be better educated, and maintain an expected level of integrity at all times. Not somebody who has to constantly blog up his covers and excuses for his latest blunders while turning everything around and accepting no blame or wrong doing ever on his part. Not a hard thing to do, when he does not have someone over him to answer to..


Driving a Bicycle while White!


What a country... Isn't this country great we live in? John Staley should be sure to give awards to the Cabot PD officers for doing such a good job.

Cops Gone Rogue