Aspiring cop beat up by cops in a wrongful arrest caught on video

Carlos Miller

Eighteen-year-old Marco Basualdo was aspiring to be a police officer.

But that was before the New Jersey teen was wrongly arrested and beaten up in incident caught on a surveillance video.

Now it wouldn’t be surprising if the criminal justice student chooses a different career path.

Union City police officers apprehended Basualdo because they suspected him of burglary.

After handcuffing him, one officer placed his knee on Basualdo’s back and punched him three times.

And even though they realized he was not a burglary suspect, they still charged him with resisting arrest, which never fails to amaze me how they can get away with that without an underlying charge to base it on.

The police, of course, say the video is all lies. That the truth is actually the opposite of what we saw.


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