Austin Pol Bully & Tase Black Man as Handcuffed White Man Runs Away

Carlos Miller

Austin Police Bully and Tase Black Man as Handcuffed White Man Runs Away

Austin police were so preoccupied with ganging up on and tasing a black man that they allowed a white man in handcuffs to stand up and run away.

The video, posted Thursday on Youtube, is quickly going viral and being decried as an obvious example of institutionalized racism.

Austin police told The Grio that they eventually caught the white man.

But that doesn’t make his escape any less impressionable because he was laying on his side with arms cuffed behind his back when he managed to stand up after a couple of failed attempts, sprinting away in front of dozens of shocked witnesses.

The six cops surrounding the black man could only look up helplessly as he disappeared in the crowd.


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