Austin Police Account of Antonio Buehler’s Arrest Disproven

Carlos Miller

Austin Police Account of Antonio Buehler’s Arrest Disproven by Peaceful Streets Videos

As expected, Austin police lied in their affidavit about the arrest of Peaceful Streets Project founder Antonio Buehler last weekend, claiming he kept placing the camera inches from their faces – causing an “officer safety” issue – when newly posted videos show the cops were the ones getting in his face.

It just goes to show you how the Austin Police Department has no qualms about making unlawful arrests of citizens recording them, yet allow one of their own officers suspected of murdering his pregnant mistress to slip out of the country where the FBI had to get involved in bringing him back.

This is a department that needs serious oversight, which is why they can’t stand it when the Peaceful Streets crew records them.

After all, if they lie this much knowing there are multiple cameras around, how far would these cops stretch the truth when they believe they are not being recorded?

We already know the answer to that judging from the first time they arrested Buehler on New Year’s Day in 2012, after he photographed them abusing a woman, prompting them to arrest him by claiming he had spit in their face – a charge that could have landed Buehler in prison for several years.

But unknown to Austin police officer Patrick Oborski, who made the false accusation, another citizen was standing across the street recording, proving Oborski to be a liar.

Nevertheless, it took Buehler several years to beat that charge as well as several other charges resulting from subsequent arrests for recording since then.

The affidavit was posted on Peaceful Streets’ site along with several videos and a written breakdown on each instance where they lied.

When compared to the multiple videos that the Peaceful Streets Project took of the arrest, it is clear that the affidavit written by Officer A. Garibay #6155 is one long string of misleading and fraudulent statements. At no point did Buehler advance toward the officers, at no point did the officers give Buehler any legal orders that would have required him to step back, and at no time did they have probable cause to arrest him. Further, Mike Bluehair Smith was illegally arrested for “interference with public duties” for simply trying to catch Buehler’s cameras as he tried to hand them off to Peaceful Streets Project members to prevent the police from confiscating them and suppressing the video evidence of the arrest.

Before last weekend, Buehler had finally cleared himself of all criminal charges, including his latest case where he was facing a disorderly conduct charge for telling a Gonzalez police officer to “go fuck yourself.”

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