Autopsy Contradicts Cop Claims in GA, Provides Police Shot in Back

Carlos Miller

Autopsy Contradicts Cop Claims in Georgia, Proving Police Shot Nicholas Thomas in the Back

Police lied and another man died; this time in Atlanta after an autopsy determined that 23-year-old Nicholas Thomas had been shot in the back where before police were claiming he had been driving towards them, making them fear for their lives.

This is how it was originally reported in the mainstream media.

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — A local police officer shot and killed a man in Cobb County Tuesday.
Police said they feared for their lives which led them to open fire on a suspect they were attempting to serve a warrant on.
“When you go to serve a suspect who knows that he is wanted, he is unpredictable and we have to react based on his actions. That’s what we did today,” Sgt. Ed Cason with the Smyrna Police Department said.
Investigators said Cobb County and Smyrna police went to Goodyear Tire to serve an arrest warrant for a probation violation. It happened in a parking lot near Cumberland Parkway and Paces Ferry Road at about 1:30 p.m.
They said the man saw police when they approached his place of work and tried to flee.
Police said officers feared for their life when the suspect jumped in a car, tried to get away, and drove at them in the white Maserati.

This is how it’s now being reported in the Guardian:

A man who was killed by a police officer’s bullet was shot in the back, a metro-Atlanta medical examiner’s report says, adding a new twist to a case in which police say the man was driving a car toward officers when the incident happened.
An autopsy on the body of 23-year-old Nicholas Thomas was conducted by the Cobb County medical examiner’s office on 25 March, the day after Thomas was killed while at the wheel of a customer’s Maserati outside the Goodyear tire store where he worked, according to the report that was certified by the medical examiner on Tuesday.
Police have said Sergeant Kenneth Owens of Smyrna police shot Thomas because the officer feared for his life. Police have said Thomas was driving toward officers as they tried to serve him with a warrant for a parole violation, though his family says other witnesses dispute that.
The medical examiner’s report says Thomas died from a gunshot wound after a bullet entered his upper back on the right side. The bullet hit his lungs and aorta before coming to rest in his upper chest on the left side.

Smyrna police apparently have hold of video footage of the “events surrounding the shooting but not of the shooting itself,” but they are not allowing Thomas’ family access to that footage.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation gathered and presented evidence to the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office, who said they will bring it to a grand jury next month.


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